Is Khunt A Rude Phonetic?

… or is it merely a Himalayan anthropological term? Please leave your comments.
I recently saw this headline:
British University BANS List of “Politically Incorrect” Words

Imagine, if once upon a time we were telepathic beings and, therefore, we had a kind of 100% automatic surveillance among everyone and everything. In the beginning was the word? There’s a problem from the outset; words are liable to interpretation and manipulation.

Last year I heard Ice Cube discussing the then new film Straight Outta Compton with a BBC R5 Live afternoon presenter. It’s a bio-doc on NWA: Niggers With Attitude. They persistently referred to the ‘N’ word. It was so silly. It was and is censorship and in effect a form of mind control, isn’t it?

You all know about this article and if you don’t… know now:
The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation:

From Himalayan Anthropology: The Indo-Tibetan Interface
by James F. Fisher…: p.96

“… divisions like the khunt, the ghori, the gaon and the kim. The khunt have the khunt deity and the ghori have the ghori deity. Similarly, each gaon (village) has the gaon deity  and kim (household) has the kim deity (kimsu). Usually the khunt is presided over by a principle deity. A the khunt is constituted as some ghori, so under each principle or khunt deity there are some ghori deities….”

The Rude Word Painting…

“This painting contains rude words. If you think you might be in the least a little bit offended, I suggest you do not look anymore.
P.S. If you cannot read English, you might like the colours – it’s a very colourful language!”

Now, mind your language, your thoughts and actions and in order we can monitor your acquiescence, please could you all write on a piece of paper your bank details, family members, all your political affiliations, all your likes and dislikes, when you engage in sexual thought and action, in fact a daily account of your life… or shall we just collect the details directly?
BREAKING: Wikileaks Releases ‘Vault 7’ Part 1 – ‘Year Zero’
BREAKING: Wikileaks Says Less Than 1% Of Vault 7 Released

Indeed, even the most intimate of moments can be directly monitored:


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