If this is the best evidence they can provide, you have to be suspicious

In this day of cctv, social media, mobile phones (=cameras), in a place like Westminster, everything that moves all day is caught on camera.  Police operations depend on street cameras being observed inside control rooms, cameras which can see clearly who is who and exactly what they’re doing.  So there would be plenty of camera evidence to see had the terror attack taken place as they say it did.

This is the only video put out by the government.

The witness statements from Quentin Letts and others are very weak, expressing uncertainty about important details.

I see nothing which is convincing.

The casualties on stretchers show no pain in their faces.  The ones lying on the street look like they’ve all adopted comfortable positions.  Each one has a handler.  One put their shoes down neatly on the pavement alongside the road.

This is the only video evidence provided.

It’s all a big con.

This could easily be falsified footage.  You can’t make out a vehicle at all, only a blur, and the supposed woman falling/jumping from the bridge is not recognisable as a human shape.  I am sure others could add to my amateur observations.

Watch out, America! Statue Of Liberty is next target for terror.

Aldous comments –

False Flag Terror Attack Outside of Parliament “Staged” to Distract from the GCHQ Wiretap Scandal

Also Designed to Neutralize Resistance to Brexit Trigger

“There’s no question that those terrorist attacks right next to the seat of British power were conducted to quickly change
the growing national conversation regarding the GCHQ’s Trump affair.”

— Veteran Intelligence Analyst

By all insider accounts, the GCHQ scandal was blown up by President Donald Trump for very good reasons.

In fact, the only realistic way for Trump to fulfill his campaign promise to “drain the swamp” — inside the Beltway — is to expose the shadow government that has run the United States of America for many decades.



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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Who shot “the footage”.

    Remarkable is it not that persons unknown just happened to be filming at just the right moment ?

    Remarkable is the highly elevated position of the camera … not a building which leaves a helicopter or a plane.

    Remarkable indeed is the stability of the image.
    So remarkable it implies that the image must have been post processed. Manipulating the footage would of course render it inadmissible as evidence in court.

    So what are we being fed.

    See 3D imagery of the scene … where was the camera located ???


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