Idiotic Policewoman arrests children picking daffodils on Mother’s day

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Video.  3 second download.  As the man says,’Haven’t you got anything better to do?’

There are millions of daffodils growing everywhere.  They’ll all be gone in another two weeks.  SUrely Little Johnny and Susie can pick half a dozen for their Mummy?  Apparently not.

A father has spoken out after a police officer took away daffodils which his daughters had picked from the roadside for Mother’s Day. See NTI story NTIDAFFS. David Taylor, of Forest Fields, had been visiting his mother in Mansfield when he asked the girls if they’d like to pick some daffodils from the side of Berry Hill Lane. He said it was a “spur of the moment” idea to entertain his two daughters, Rosemary, 10, and Emily, 5. He says he understands why the police officer who caught him “told him off”, but claimed it could have been dealt with better. Police said the officer had spoken to the family about picking flowers, and had taken a bunch of 27 flowers to a care home so they did not go to waste.

TAP – It’s a shame they don’t try stopping local pedocriminal gangs preying on children.  Are the Police really stooping this low to fill their time?


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