Free Speech ‘Safe Zones’ dismissed by Court

An attempt at a false invasion and occupation by the government (working in the background through agents provocateurs) over a fracking site in Lancashire, with intention to use this as a pretext to establish an out of sight protest pen  (their lease over the proposed fracking site had expired, and they needed to work out other legal means of presence).

It was an attempt to create a penned area for free speech, which would make fracking activism impossible.

The judge refused.

This was a seminal ruling.  The government is desperate to find a way to get round growing public opposition to fracking.  If this case had been won by the company, a precedent for free speech zones would have been set.  Ian Crane explains in the video.  Yet again he’s saved our skins with his team of dedicated supporters.

Benjamin Dean, Elspeth McRoberts, Bob Dennett, Joe Boyd, Wayne Paolucci & John Ozric Brealey were all instrumental in helping to achieve this result … couldn’t have done this without you guys!
Respect & thanks … X

TAP – I send Ian Crane £20 a month.  Support him too if you can.  He’s the frontline to stopping the destruction of Britain.  He was ‘seminal’ in getting us going in time to stop fracking in our area two years ago.  The fight goes on.


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