Dead doctors don’t talk. AV7. Were they curing autism and cancer? Or something else?

I heard Dr Graham Downing talk at AV6.  Inter alia, he explained about Advanced Colloidal Silver, which has been instrumental in saving one person’s foot since then.  My kids’ tennis coach had a foot operation, and the wound wouldn’t heal.  She was unable to work for months and was in constant pain.  I gave her the spray from resultsrna, ACS 100, and told her how to use it.  The next day she was back on court teaching the kids.

This talk is a little different.  He’s shaking the tree.  Doctors in Florida are dying, after curing people who were considered incurable by conventional medicine.  The ones still there are living in fear.  The doctors who have died were all big communicators with access to TV, outspoken and willing to engage with the public.

GCMaf boosts up the immune system and drives out cancer.   Were all these doctors realising that cancer can be cured, and the elites don’t want the public to get hold of it.

Nagalase causes immune deficiency.   Nagalase is being introduced into the human being through vaccination.  GCMaf blocks it.

The medical theories surrounding the deaths seems persuasive, until Dr Downing started looking into the full details.  A large number of the doctors who died were involved in helping victims of human trafficking.  Is the explanation for the deaths to do with human trafficking?  It’s a fascinating talk worth hearing.  He lists others involved in working to stop human trafficking dying – like Bin Laden’s sister who died in an air crash.

Did all these people know something?  Who abuses trafficked children on a global scale?  Were the kids they were helping former victims of powerful people who wanted their activities kept quiet?

Big Pharma would not kill off doctors over GCMaff, in Dr Downing’s opinion.  Child trafficking is a better fit to explain the killings in his opinion.

800,000 children are trafficked annually.  Over 50% of them are children.

27 million are in slavery today, it is estimated.  Over half are children.

Every time there’s a war or natural disaster the traffickers move in and grab children.  It’s the most profitable business on the planet after drugs and weapons.

Ian Crane – Madeleine McCann could be a trafficking victim.  See Richard D Hall’s videos on youtube.  Too many suspicious circumstances.  Blair appointed a PR assistant to the McCanns the day after Madeleine disappeared.


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