9 Responses to “Can Alex Jones Be Trusted?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Edward G Griffin is a trustworthy source IMO

  2. Tapestry says:

    LIft The Veil Nathan Stolpman points out Alex Jones runs non-stop Islamophobic fake news. He ran a convincing ‘show’ in which he pointed that Alex Jones was Bill Hicks, and he calls him Bill Hicks. It sounds nuts but the evidence was very persuasive. All the system wants is war. If Alex Jones delivers an Islamophobic mob onto the streets willing to go crazy, then they’ll get what they want. He wins your trust by telling you things you didn’t otherwise know, then delivers you all fired up and packaged perfectly for use by the OWG as fodder for war machinery.

    • NPP says:

      It is easy to point out issues to do with Islam. Bottom line is ‘we’ have bombed the shit out of the middle east and payback seems inevitable.

      I do note Jones’ apology about Piizzagate. Seems strange. Why is he so sure? Why the step back?

      Jones has directly addressed and laughed off the Bill Hicks allegations. Mind you, I still find the ‘fake’ Paul McCartney story hard to swallow yet have 2 of Nick Kollerstrom’s books.

      I still have doubts about cuddly Uncle Jim Fetzer.

      There are so many pointing the finger at others e.g. Richie Allen detests Paul Joseph Watson… Watson delivers both interesting and perhaps over dramatic reports. Allen does not seem as sharp and bright.

      If only we had a public platform whereby these characters could be invited to discuss views, allegations openly… if only the BBC were a beacon of good and proper broadcasting, information sharing and exploration. But there we are, here we are, onward and up and remember humour.

      • Tapestry says:

        I don’t think we attacked the Middle East, NPP, but the secret cults operating from inside our governments did. We are all struggling in the dark to understand what’s assailing us, wherever we are in the world. In the end of the day, either you like someone’s work or you don’t, and you instinctively trust or don’t trust.. Personally I find Alex Jones overdramatises, and unnecessarily works up his audience. There is no source I know of which is consistently on the mark, year in, year out. We can all get it wrong when tackling subject matter which is intentionally hidden in the shadows.

    • sovereigntea says:

      When did Jones last criticise Israel ? Question answered. 🙂

      • archer says:

        Bang on the money.

        Anyway, Tap – what about Coleman (albeit one major focus area)?

      • NPP says:

        Well, don’t you ever ever ever go to Infowars ever again because Alex is obviously a 4×2 inside jobber and the world’s evils are caused by them. It’s not the Jesuits nor the archons… it’s Israel and the 4×2’s.
        Ah good, I’m glad that’s all clear and sorted.
        Intellectual know-how again supercedes pandering to 4×2’s.

  3. NPP says:

    I did type ‘we’ and not we.

    Jones is fine on YouTube where you can fast forward – no way I could sit through it live. Though Infowars coverage during US election night was good.

    G. Edward Griffin is generally clear, thoughtful and seemingly fair.

    It would be dull if all were the same. Differences are fun.

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