Brexit – Farage versus Campbell

The Brexit battle is still red hot.   Britain wants freedom, and is prepared to take some risks to get it.  The system wants to maintain the level of threat, of coming crisis.  There has to be a gameplan.  Farage says more and more people are falling in behind Brexit and he says many Remoaners are realising they were wrong.  Campbell seems surprised there is so much fight left in the animal, and talks vaguely of economic consequences.

Ian Crane (Insanity versus Humanity) says the referendum was rigged to give NO as the answer.  Over a period of seven years, Britain will be faced with a continuing series of crises which will leave the population begging to be allowed back into the EU.  Except next time there will be no Sterling, or other opt-outs.  Campbell’s confidence could yet be proved right.  Doom and gloom is never an easy sell.  He lost this encounter.  Immigration is a very big political subject, even bigger than economics.  The public is now alerted.  It’s not 1997 any longer, when he and Blair could give us any old flannel.

Here’s some new flannel from an old flanneler.

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  1. tapuzi says:

    Heseltine seems to have a different definition of sovereignty than everyone else.

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