Any relief posters out there?

With Gordon, The Tap Blog’s main poster in hospital, and the original ‘Tap’ busying himself with family life, and about to travel, there is a need for some more posters to present themselves.  If you want to be added to the list of contributors and feel you can keep the blog motoring, please email or comment accordingly.  With the Article 50 trigger announced today, there might need to be a few more intelligent posts to counter the doom and gloom of the main media, which is unduly worrying many people in Britain.  If you’re made of sterner stuff and realise that the majority of what is fed put to the population by the mainstream media is nonsense, designed to raise anxiety levels, then you could well be of great use.

NPP is doing his bit.  Gordon Logan had his birthday yesterday, and let his Facebook friends know that his daughter is now 14 and doing very well at school, including being a crack shot with a rifle.  It seems only yesterday they finally made it back to the UK (with some help from exposure of their case on this blog) and she was just half that age.  He adds his voice when he can.

We all look forward to regular Gordon’s recovery from his operation.


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