Anxiety is a deadly trap. Drop it.

Reports coming back to base from staff members attending trade events indicate a significant level of fear about Brexit in many traders.  They talk in hushed tones through gritted teeth about whether they’ll be able to cope with it or not, whatever ‘it’ may turn out to be.  This is all caused by the mainstream media playing current events to extract as much anxiety as they can.  As the above quote says, politics is all about keeping the people in fear, so they come cap in hand and beg for deliverance from whatever is perceived to be the threat du jour.  Brexit is the main one being played in the British media today, and sadly many perfectly intelligent and capable human beings are being persuaded to mentally cower and assume the posture most approved of by the power structure that hopes to keep us all enslaved and in our place.

If people want to be free, they have to think free, think beyond fear of the bogeymen being dangled before our eyes.  It’s only theatre.

At one time the threat was Bonaparte, at another Hitler, or the Reds, or inflation, or union power, or global warming or climate change, or anything else that can be worked up to function as the creator of alarm or anxiety.  If we ignore them and their little schemes, they’ll go away and then will have to design another bogeyman to dangle in front of us.

That takes them time.  It’s the way to be more free.

Stop responding to the anxiety game, please.  It’s a deadly trap which offers us nothing.  Live in the present, day by day.  If today was OK, then why not tomorrow.  You can adapt your act to whatever comes down the pike.  You’ll adapt all the better the calmer you are, and the simpler the terms you think in – and better still if you’re aware that you’re being played like a fish to keep you in your place as a pleb.  Rise up, not with any need for violence, but in your mind.  That’s all it takes.


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