Another day of battle at Preston New Rd proposed fracking site

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Police refuse a slow walk escort of lorry delivering to fracking site at Preston New Rd.  Activist climbs on top of lorry.  20 policemen surround the vehicle.  Video.

Delay to vehicle is far worse.

The activist is doing a great job.  The activist offers to climb down but Police won;t remove threat of arrest if he does, so he stays put.

More demonstrators are needed to stand and battle these water and environmental destroyers.

Police do nothing to assist traffic flow, and just stand around despite the presence of an Inspector who gives his name as ‘Kilo Alpha Ten’.  The commentator gives his opinion that the Police want an accident to occur so they can prosecute the demonstrators for causing an obstruction or a dangerous situation.  Otherwise they could flag traffic past the wagon, and improve the road safety for all users.


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