Animals die with no blood in their bodies. No one can explain the phenomenon.

Richard D Hall’s video on animal mutilations.  One farmer said it all started in 1954.  Extraordinary details.  Impossible to explain.  These are not predator attacks but clinical medical-type procedures.  Who by?  What for?

Once these animals are dead, the remains are never touched by predators.  Tongues are invariably removed.  No blood is visible.  There’s none inside the carcasses.  Flies that attack the carcasses invariably die.  Where does the blood go to?  Once half the blood is gone from a body, the heart stops, yet all the blood is gone.  Black paste can be found on the ground.  Is the blood plasma changed into something else?

The animal tags are removed, when they take away the ears.

This is happening all over the world.  Cattle mutilations are very common in America.

Are the ‘visitors’ planting viruses in the animals and then returning later to take the animal’s body parts away?

One case involving sheep was right next to a nuclear power station.

One eye can be gone.  Inexplicable details.  Richard D Hall investigates the possibilities.

The media always reports these incidents as human crimes, or attacks by big cats.  That they are not.

Domestic animals can be victims and wild animals.  Sean animals.  Dolphins.  Seals.  All animals.

It’s as if an alien race is carrying out a detailed survey of life on earth.

Thousands of these medical attacks are happening.

The government doesn’t want people to know.


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