Alex Jones, Podesta, Trump, Pizzagate. The real events unravelled from the accusations.

The Pizzagate scandal in Washington is so hot and threatening to the perpetrators that smokescreens, sideshows and every other trick known to man are being used to hide the truth of who did what to whom, where and when.  Alex Jones is in the thick of it.  In the confusion, he keeps his cool (just) and points out what he thinks are the lies, and what is possibly the truth.  That, he says, is all he cares about.  This topic is the one that’s tearing Washington and the media apart.  It’s incredibly important that Americans hear the truth and understand how the Satanic cult that has run the world for thousands of years actually operates.  Only then can Americans collectively tackle these criminals and get their country back.

Getting all of our countries requires more than just leaving transnational organisations like NAFTA or the EU.  We all need to get rid of the pedocriminals who ride above all the formal sounding names and institutions.  This is Satanism versus humanity as a whole.  And yet most of humanity doesn’t even know what Satanism is, let alone what it’s been doing to us for  a very long time.  Over to you, Alex.

The restaurant part of the Pizzagate scandal – Comet Pizza and so on – has been heavily publicised by the main media.  The Podesta emails revealing all about Hot Dogs, Pizzas (respectively male and female pedocriminal victims) and all their code language have not been publicised.  Jones sees the Comet narrative as a ruse to sidetrack attention from the primary scandal which are the Podesta emails as revealed by Wikileaks.

CIA targets Infowars. Why? Pizzagate.


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