Internet censorship. Fake news. Social Justice Warriors. Mass hysteria. Just another day in the USA.

Censorship of the internet is becoming more frenetic.  Jones says Infowars is being shut off.  Brainwashed opposition to Trump is getting worse and worse.  Things can only get more and more out of control as people are whipped up into a frenzy.  Videos of people freeking out, going crazy.  Hate speech.  Cuts to Hitler making aggressive speeches seem almost seemless.   Burning ‘free speech’ parallels with burning books.  The so called SJW – Social Justice Warriors are being let loose all over the shop, whipping up anger and hatred.  Powerful stuff.  Humans going totally nuts, to order.  Trump supporters being beaten up on the streets, or anyone else who happens to be in the way.  Cuts to violence in movies.

It’s monkey see, monkey do violence.  It’s very NAZI.  They think they’re attacking Nazis but they’ve actually become the NAZIs.

This is like War Of The Worlds, the original fake news, stirring up mass hysteria driving people out onto the streets.

Where is all this going to?


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