1500 US pedocriminal arrests since Trump took office


Alex Jones is more watchable than he used to be.  He’s been broadcasting nearly twenty years, and throughout has kept up an amazing level of energy, almost too much for my tastes, and I used to click him off , thinking he’s trying to panic everyone.  Not now.  The Trump takeover of the Presidency has ushered in an new era which his style of presentation fits exactly.  There is a war for control of the swamp in Washington, and the main media is 100% after Trump.  He needs a balance to the lies flying around, the so-called ‘fake news’, and who better than Alex Jones to deliver.

Jones seems to know this is his moment in what he calls a historical battle for control of humanity’s future.  He’s never backed down to the threats he’s been receiving all along.  If his style was once over the top, it isn’t now.  Has he matured his approach, and learned to pace himself a little better, or is it that everyone else is now up top speed so he’s riding a wave, not trying to generate one?  Whichever way that is, he’s a key player in the unfolding drama of Trump’s war with the pedocriminal Satanic elite.

The headline at the top of the post flashed across the back screen during his live show.  A lot is happening, as America wakes up to its choices.  More Satanic cult, war and suppression of thought, or a burst out of humanity, and a dash for freedom?  I guess we’ll find out soon enough.  Right now it’s almost impossible to decipher what’s really going on.

Here’s an alternative voice – Alternative News.  Nathan Stolpman’s channel.  He says Alex Jones makes things up all the time, giving out facts without providing any evidence.  He also has given a good presentation of Alex Jones being Bill Hicks.    He says all the stuff in Vault 7 has been out there for years.  It’s nothing new to those in the know.  But it’s now in the mainstream, whereas it was previously only known to those who read alternative media sources.  Is the whole thing a mind game?  Is everything a psyop?  It’s the fear matrix being created, under the guise of news breakthrough, whistleblowing.




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  1. Manhood says:

    What I can say is that Mr. Trump has already done many things since he’s currently in Office. What he would do if he becomes President during the Election Campaign & we’re seeing it.

    Let us hope he would continue to do what is right & not betray the people.

  2. alan5232 says:

    Alex Jones can go way over the top at times, and is a lousy host. He constantly interrupts his guests when they are in full flow, and his caricatures of the Dems is cringeworthy…BUT…his heart is in the right place, He is a passionate conservative and his sole aim is ,…The Truth. Thank God there are people out there to focus on the REAL issues and keep us informed of the evil that is being done right at the top.
    Stolpman is nothing more than a Clinton/Globalist apologist…or to coin another Americanism…a Shill, and a pretty poor one at that.
    What is happening in America, is, in some ways more important than what is happening here in Europe, let alone here in GB. We are at a major crossroads and Western civilisation as we know it, is at stake., The Globalists care not for the Refugee crisis, or the Muslim question…They sit above it all…manipulating at will. They control it all. They know that the white European race will be extinct in 100 years… FACT.. The birth rate cannot now halt or reverse that fact…it is already too late….they are planning for the next Millenium, and we will not be here to see it.

    • Tapestry says:

      Stolpman is not a shill for anyone. He’s his own man. No source is perfect, but all are accused of one thing or another all the time. As always each of us must form our own view. Stolpman gets well into the details while Jones skims along the surface. Both have their pluses.

  3. alison says:

    Strikes me that since the paedocriminals are the same as the controllers of virtually everything, it stands to reason that if Trump arrests all of them, the chemtrails will disappear simultaneously.

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