WW2 and the nuclear hoax

The Nuclear Hoax by Miles Mathis First published January 24, 2016.

As usual, this is just my professional opinion, based on private research. I have already written a shortish paper on the Bikini Atoll tests, showing photographic evidence they were faked. Some have misread my arguments there, thinking I was implying that only the Bikini tests were faked, while the Trinity and Japan events were real. On the contrary. I never meant to imply that. I mentioned the Trinity tests in that paper only to show that the Bikini and Trinity stories contradicted one another. The wind we are shown at Trinity apparently didn’t exist at Bikini. At any rate, I thought my conclusion there made it clear I suspected all tests and events to have been faked.

If that wasn’t clear, I will clarify it here. I suspect all tests and events were and are faked. If they had any real events to show us, they wouldn’t need to show us faked events. What got me back into this topic was a chance return to the Wikipedia page for the Lookout Mountain Air Force Station in Laurel Canyon, which station played a prominent role in my exposé of the Tate/Manson event. If you remember, that was a small military station hidden away in the hills of Los Angeles, which was built in 1941 to create government films.

It expanded in 1947, year one of the CIA. It produced thousands of propaganda films, and this is admitted. It was said to have been closed in 1968, but we now know that was a lie. Lookout Mountain is thanked in the credits to Return of the Jedi in 1983, so it must have still been open then. They want you to think it was closed in 1968, so that you can’t connect it to the Tate/Manson event in 1969. But the Wikipedia page has actually been rewritten in the past year to change the date of closing to 1968. When I was writing my Tate paper, I saved a copy of the Wiki page, and at that time the date of closing was listed as 1969, not 1968. So they have rewritten the Wiki page in response to my Tate paper. It is not the first time a Wiki page has been rewritten or scrubbed in response to my papers. The first instance happened many years ago, in response to my paper on tides on my science site. In that case, they permanently deleted their page on Tidal Theory, and completely rewrote the page on Tides, deleting all the math I critiqued in my paper—although it is mainstream math and can be found in many other books and websites.


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