US interest rates will rise in March 2017. Crash landing on the way.
The party will soon be over.  March 15th is the day to watch when the debt ceiling is triggered.  The US economy will hit a brick wall, and the Trump dream will be over.  Stock market falls of 20% plus are likely.  A lot of people won’t get paid.

A recession is coming with no stimulus possible to bail it out.

David Stockman interviewed.  The system is going to blow up, inevitably after 30 years of overspend.  Trump doesn’t get the size of the problem.  His promises are impossible.  Trump’s got to wise up with his promises urgently.  The stock market casino is in for massive hit.  Crash landing on the way.

Main Street hasn’t recovered since 2008.

Governments are close to bankrupt worldwide.  Central banking will have zero credibility.  There will be a dash for gold.  The price will soar at some point.  Be patient.  Stay long in metals.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    There is nothing to say that metals will not get caught up in a crash of general asset prices. But once people identify cash as having little credibility in the face of growing government debt, the metals will have a reason to come back up while other assets may not. The debt balloon has to end one day. This may be the moment. It may not.

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