Tony Bliar F— Off!

Excuse my French, but…. some one has to say it.

Rethink Brexit Tony? Bliar cannot walk the streets of England yet thinks he can persuade us to change our minds to his. Oh Tony, bring it on; we look forward to you coming to speak to the public, in person!
Tony Blair calls for people to ‘rise up’ against Brexit:

Whatever the presstitute BBC or PM Theresa May Brexit She May Not tell you…. the only intent by the UK govt. to leave the ridiculousl €U is in name only. A fully integrated €U-UK military is n the making:
Exclusive: EU To Take Control Of British Nuclear Deterrent:
SDI: Overview of the accelerating EU absorption of the British Military to form the EU Military and a ‘nuclear defence shield’

Please share this post and image and send a message to Tony. The PDF file by David Ellis should be given to your MP.

TAP, if this use of the Latin alphabet is too much, remove it.


2 Responses to “Tony Bliar F— Off!”

  1. emm jay says:

    Bet they won’t take to the streets in protest over him though .. or start a petition telling him to eff off like they did over the Trump. Another Bliar Project. You just couldn’t make it up.

  2. Mark says:

    In hours after the result concluded, perhaps it wasn’t meant to happen (leaving the EU pre any EU-collapse)? The vote somehow suiting deeper dark ideals. Certainly manifest in watching endless mainstream t.v. news. (Have to, when eating tea). Rubbing us up in a dividing wind up. A slow and frustrating, distraction and defection. Blame every reported money and social woe on “you leave-ers”. More recently wondering, if got-out is/was all about consolidation to the City of London? But now, with the full-on introduction of Blair – assume instructed – is the best encouragement, them top-top-floor, are encouraging leave. Couldn’t be more affirming. Sure wind up those lost enough, not to squirm and wince at his presence. But like Farage said before the election and TB’s intervention; “…I know, couldn’t be more pleased’. Tony backs Leave – by way of… Has me encouraged. This – if the crisis of our lifetime doesn’t sweep-in and the question falls off the priority list, or changes UK/EU standing beyond recognition?

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