Thomas Sheridan: Out With The Old. In With The New.

Thomas does not exactly say out with the old, in with the new, but that seemed to be his general message.

Death of Celebrity w/@ThomasSheridan_

The further you go through college, by the time you get to PhD, you’re a robot…. in general, you tend to get to that point by following orders.

In the case of today’s left-wing protesters, following the orders has not worked out and rage is being manifested.
They don’t understand it’s a good thing; they have the chance to begin again.
The protesters are like post mortal convulsions.
The victory of Trump on the psychic level was decisive.
Bowie dying was presented as a post mortal art form… he managed his reality from this one to the next as a true artist.

Brexit – the beginning of the end. More post mortal convulsions.
We are in an incredible point in history which we should be savouring.
We’re on the cusp of a new thing.
The psychopathic control grid and their globalisation plans have been destroyed

Reality is falling apart.
2016 on a cultural conscious level was mind blowing.
The Trump people had hilarious memes
The Clinton side had stupid memes.
Comedy and satire; the jester spirit came flying out and won the day; something refreshingly working class about it.
The Clinton memes were social studies graduate like; no sense of humour

The mainstream will try to cover the subjects that we (the alternative media) do, but they’ll do it very badly.
In Europe we’ve lost national sovereignty and people are uncomfortable about it, it’s not a racist thing
The death of politics, the death of celebrity and the death of mass media are part of the same thing.
The entire entertainment industrial complex was on the side of Hillary Clinton and it failed. The same thing happened with Brexit.
People don’t listen to celebrities anymore. The celebrities we cared about like Bowie and Prince are all dead.
I would have loved to have been in George Clooney’s very expensive shoes the night Trump won. Bono the same, a CoFR an a Bilderberger

The future can be tranquil, calm, interesting, but look out for their games.
I have a report here commissioned by the Soros Foundation in 1991 on the the methods the Russians used to do with the occult and could we bring them to the US.
They want us laughing at the occult while they’re using it. It’s to do with mind control, perception and changing cognitive awareness.
They present super-natural-ness as things like a half time Super Bowl Show: don’t forget to pay your carbon taxes! That’s an act of ritual magic.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    It took me twenty years to grow past the education system. Luckily I dropped out of Oxford despite being at Merton, the elite college and started to develop independent thinking in time. I would agree that the more highly educated people are, the harder they find it to see anything for themselves. School drop-outs are usually far more successful in the real world than the brain-boxes they leave behind obeying and learning how to copy their teachers. The only people who actually understand any subject always teach themselves.

    • NPP says:

      I could agree at length.

      I did up to BA (Hons) architecture c.1986… I’ve been unlearning and re-learning ever since.

      I meet friends who have been through Oxbridge etc and today hold highly paid exec jobs… apparently clueless with regards e.g. Syria, climate change, health…

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