This Post Is Probably Thought Crime In Germany

TAP… I wish I had time to go back over this and note bullet points. This is Jim intervening Fred who was the ‘expert’ who went to Germany to inspect the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz for the Ernst Zundel ‘holocaust denier’ case. I type a lower case ‘h’ purposefully. Fred had no political agenda or any interest in history revision. He merely attended his duty on another job, and had no idea what he was entering into…

Watch and listen to Fred. Extraordinary testimony – we are infected with politically correct conventional wisdom and subversive elements enforcing their version of events.

This superb citizen journalism and an example of why the internet is so valuable to us.

Fred Leuchter Interview with Jim Rizoli

It seems there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz and the ‘truth’ we’ve been served up about WWII is not truth; it is history written by the victors.. The most alarming thing is this post is illegal in Germany to the point of potential incarceration for ‘thougth crime’.


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