The war on truth. The arrest of Peekay.

Nathan Stolpman describes the arrest of Youtuber Peekay (Peter Kusznir…), who suggested Melbourne was a false event.

Traffic manipulation on Youtube analysed.

Thumbs up bots.  Thumbs down bots.  Boiler room commenters.  Reduced traffic.

Was Melbourne a hoax?   Peekay was on Neighbours on TV.  He never mentions this fact in his interviews.  Why not?

Nathan invited Peeekay onto his show, but he didn’t reply.  Why not?

Peekay starts his interview on ‘howisee the world’ with Robin by saying he can’t talk, then blabs it all out.

His channel on Youtube gets taken down.  Police come round to his house, saying he must take down videos.  He’s arrested.  Ride in paddywagon.

The media is all over it.

Is it all real?  Or media theatre?  The Israelis control the media, trying to discredit him.  Caller believes Peekay’s legit.

Nathan describes the threats he’s facing.  They threatened his cat Doshi.  He’s diagnosed bipolar.  They try to make him think he’s crazy.

They try to get you into fights, he says.  He believes in karma.  He believes Peekay is genuine and they’re putting out bad stuff on him to discredit him.

(Apart from his flat earth comments, which I believe are mistaken, he has a very good eye and ear for detail.  I am not sure he’s right the Russian ambassador assassination was a hoax.  Although his detailed analysis was very interesting.)


He talks about global warming.






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    A Knowledge Economy?
    U.N. Official Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really About Destroying Capitalism:

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