The Social Justice Warrior Mob Get Milo

… but, I suspect he’ll be back and be bigger.

Milo Yiannopoulos Full Press Conference (2/21/17):

FULL REMARKS: MILO Delivers Speech at Press Conference Amid Video Scandal:

Breaking! Milo Was Sexually Abused, Not An Abuser

So, Milo is hounded for allegedly advocating child sex, while those who are probably behind the attack on Milo, are the real child violators or at least know who real perpetrators are.
Whips office blackmail and corruption

Former Conservative party whip Tim Fortescue, indicated in an interview with the BBC in 1995 that he knew of instances of child abuse perpetrated by one or more MPs and that he used that knowledge to persuade the offender(s) to tow the party line. If true, many more former and possibly current whips (and potentially ministers) are likely to have shared this information however none have come forward to speak on the record.

‘Life in Whips Office’ (1995) featuring Geoffrey Dickins MP and Tim Fortescue:

Those name calling Trump a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, a white supremacist, a misogynist, a KKK rebel rouser, a neo-Nazi… shame on you. Shame on your stupidity, your ignorance, your apathy, your finger pointing judgement upon another when in actuality you are merely circulating unfounded rumour and tittle-tattle. I sense if anyone will crack down on child violation, it will be Trump.

My guess is those opposing Trump are in effect supporting the real violators of children.

Today BBC news is promoting a national garden party in the memory of Jo Cox. You fools and idiots. Jo Cox pushed for foreign invasion of Syria. Jo Cox’s husband promoted and raised money for the White Helmets on the back of his wife’s death.

If you are bashing Trump and supporting White Helmets, I suspect you are the deluded ones.


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