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Maria Wheatley…. is a second-generation dowser who is a leading authority on the geodetic system of earth energies. She was taught how to decode and divine the land by her late father, Dennis Wheatley, who was considered to be one of the UK’s top Master Dowsers.
Maria Wheatley @ Capricorn TV – Nephilim Queen of Stoneghenge
About 18mins in…

The neolithic high queen of Stonehenge discovered in a huge 390ft long barrow in 1700’s.
Most neolithic long barrow burials were communal e.g. West Kennet up to 50 individuals in the long mound.
When the antiquarians found just one female body buried so close to Stonehenge, they were shocked – we hardly hear about the woman of prehistory in England. Boudicca is the only high profile woman. The West Kennet body must have been of high standing because she is the only female in NW Europe to have a gigantic mound to herself.
Her shull was elongated, not as elongated as the skulls of Peru as researched by Brien Foerster:
Mystery of the Elongated Skulls & DNA Tests FULL LECTURE – Origins Conference:
Brien Foerster YouTube:
… but, she was elongated on a par with Malta. other bodies found nearby also has elongated skulls.

Maria suggests their was a ruling elite in the Stonehenge environment with elongated skulls.
It has been suggested there were two types of people living in neolithic Britain: round skulls and elongated skulls.
They were cohabiting because two types of skull came out of a long barrow in Gloucestershire.
Why has this been suppressed?
1900’s anthropologists declared long skulled people were stupid while the round skulled people came from Scandinavia, had blond hair and blue eyes, took over the landscape.
This led Hitler to believe in his Aryan race.
Around the high queen, many other elongated skulls were found buried. Only one suggested the skull had been bound while all others indicated natural features, not deformity.
Another skull showed hardly any tooth erosion indicting a refined diet.
These long mounds are in the no-go military zone of Salisbury Plain.
The long barrows were well constructed since the high queen’s long barrow until recently was used by tanks to practise manoeuvres and despite numerous exercises over the roof of the mound, it remained intact.
The Devizes museum houses many of the skulls rm Stonehenge and Avebury…
… many were re-evaluated to examine the trepanning holes; the official line is they may have been a result of brain surgery:
Skulls have been remove with perfectly white teeth, well preserved.
A long hooked pin was found, carefully wrapped in leather and cloth in a wooden box,
Stonehenge in all probability was a medical centre.
The Amesbury Archer was dug up 2002 had a missing knee cap. Did he come for medical treatment?
Isotope examination of teeth showed water traces from Germany to Orkney.
Issues such as elongated skulls are over looked because archaeology does not want to look at it. Archaeology welcomes ‘facts’ to fit in with time frame and funding.
e.g. grain has been found dating to 7,000BC, but it is not talked about since it does not fit into the orthodox 2,500BC time line.
Maria suggests the high queen and her family, people were hunted down and killed because around her long grave you have barrow after barrow of murder victims interned.
One barrow in the no-go Salisbury Plain zone has no female skulls, mostly men about 25 years old, some older and some children as young as 3-4, majority elongated skulls, rounded up and savagely killed. One had half his skull missing, another smashed to pieces, one was beheaded… these men showed signs of sudden dental erosion.
Your teeth will erode at a 45° if you are not using knives and fork; if you are ripping flesh…. these people showed these signs.
Maria proposes after the neolithic times life became more difficult in contrast to a previous Utopian period. The elongated people lost power and everything changed including the ‘phase 2’ re-arrangement of Stonehenge.

It was a struggle for Maria to make appointments to see the skulls, to track them down, research has come from different archaeological reports from all over the area. ıf you research giant or elongated skulls it’s as if a block is put in front of you.
This was a high profile woman on a par with a queen and she has not had her story told.

Maria’s YouTube channel:

She has sent out a message regarding Stonehenge. Having been studying Gobeklitepe in southern Turkey, I understand there is  perhaps profound significance to our ancient monolithic sites. I am no expert. Maria more likely is. I am sharing her concern about plans for Stonehenge:

Maria’s message…
Subject: Fwd: Government proposals will devastate World Heritage Site
About control and symbolism …the tunnel and road layout proposed and nearly passed for Stonehenge. According to a good friend of mine and author of a book on Silbury hill. ..

Get this
Stonehenge is aligned to the midwinter sunset
When stood amid the stones at the very heart of this megalithic temple the sun will sink down close to the entrance of the tunnel.
The glare of the street lighting will fade the glory and beauty of the sun.

Say no for your ancestors
Say no for the sacred stones
Say no for the future

Forward this and please take the time to sign. Also if it feels right, as you sign see and hold in your mind the proposal being blocked. Intent is all
Blessings be

End of message.

Maria’s speciality is energy and ancient sites.
This the petition she asks us to sign….
Confession: I have not signed it; I once signed something at 38 degrees and was inundated with further suggestions they wanted me to support. 38 Degrees is not really my thing, but Maria’s concern is worth a post and highlighting.

Maria Wheatley
Stonehenge tunnel plan finalised by government
Next step in major investment for south-west as A303 Stonehenge plans published:

Image: Past Present Future – various megalith-monolithic world sites.


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