See the good in the world. Switch off TV and radio.

I meet people every day who are in a panic.  They watch the news, or listen, and get themselves into a state, wondering what is going on.

‘Is the world about to collapse?’ they ask.

‘Is it safe to go anywhere or do anything?’

As I don’t have a TV aerial or a functioning radio, I can’t directly comment – maybe NPP can who keeps us informed on The Tap what the media narrative is doing.

All I know is that the media sees its role as keeping people afraid.  That’s all it’s ever done.  Just enough to keep people down and silent.  That way the compliance of the millions can be achieved, in warfare, in high taxes, in constant interference in families, schools, communities and everything else.  Fear is the main weapon of suppression and control at all times.

Right now the system is on tenterhooks.  Enough of the public has awoken to the existence of The Deep State, the real government that really runs the show from behind the scenes, keeping people down, uneducated, poor, vaccinated and poisoned by ‘food’, water and air, that they are concerned for the continuation of their supremacy.

BREXIT went through the public vote.  Trump’s in The White House.  The Satanic Cult that believes itself to be running the world needs people cowering as never before so they stop resisting the programme, and the plebs relearn their place as dumb animals.


The programme of the cult is endless warfare, the destruction of nations, of economies, or environments, of populations.  If people don’t keep resisting, we are indeed finished.  The Deep State, The Empire wants war with Russia, China and Iran – the only countries left that don’t kowtow to Washington – as soon as possible before they are more able to defend themselves, and keep an independent political existence despite NATO.

So please stop watching the TV and listening to the radio.

Whatever messages are being put out are only put there to keep you in fear, and neutralise you as opposition. The TV is the weapon of our enemies, who want us gone.  Don’t listen.  Live free with a free mind, as someone who can recognise evil when you see it.  Your mind will only become muddled by watching the nonsense broadcast from deep inside the swamp, all on the surface so glamorous, so charming yet all so evil.  You don’t need it.  Live your own life, not the one imposed on you by people who know how to control your mind.  Find the good in the world.  It’s all around you.  Fear will take it away from you.  You have your life, your own consciousness.  Design your own framework.  Don’t allow others to frame your world for you.  It’s the only way we will ever be free.  It all starts in the mind.

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  1. NPP says:


    Indeed, I tend to agree.

    The trick to TV is watch as little as possible and be aware of what it is. The radio is perhaps less invasive.

    Donald Trump doing a live press conference is compulsive TV viewing. I understand so many might be watching something unusual and could break the spell; may be; possibly…
    The radio is different. It’s only audio and leaves me to do other things. Golden nuggets do pop up whether members of the public calling into contradict the official party line or perhaps a music documentary which is just simply entertaining.

    I recall an interesting analysis/history of TV by Jeanice Barcelo… without listening and checking, one of these probably…
    TV Sigil Magik and Mind Control – John and Bonnie Interview with Jeanice Barcelo
    TV Sigil Magik and Mind Control – John and Bonnie Interview with Jeanice Barcelo:

    “It all starts in the mind.”
    Indeed, we should be teaching our children the power and potential of thought; to protect, nurture and use it properly.

    The BBC is a multi-billon taxpayer funded service. If it were private, ah so what, but it is publicly funded and should be held to account. It is my interest, my curiosity and perhaps a duty to say no, this is not acceptable and I seek an improvement.

    Thomas Sheridan once made a comment that you can decipher what is going on the world if you know how to read and translate the mainstream media. I think he has a point, but it requires self-training.

    Imagine if the BBC were a useful and proper service. It is possible, apparently unlikely today, but possible one day.

    Light and laughter help maintain a healthy mind and body.

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