Roseanne Barr: “They Don’t Get Trump Yet – They’re Under Heavy MK Ultra Mind Control”

An antidote to Meryl Street, Madonna, Cher et al… do you remember Roseanne Barr or must you be 50+ ?


7.00 mins
“I wish they could hear it (understand Trump’s good)… they’re not hearing now because they’re under heavy MK Ultra mind control…”
8.30 mins
“… if you’ve heard of any mind control, MK Ultra being the most successful… when you know how code words work, the actual power of words…
I learned it the hard way by running for President, how they censor and shut down…
Russia didn’t steal the nomination from Bernie using Debbie Wasserman Schultz who had to resign for doing it. The very next day Hillary hires her.
Power manufactures consent and dissent.
Real working people that make stuff work went this is all bullshit and said fuck you… (voted Trump)… Hillary managed to get away with so much for so long… because they’re protected.
Radio host Christine: “I know how evil she is from our friend Cathy O’Brien…”
17.30 mins
Roseanne: “She’ll (Hillary) do anything for money…
Check this out. She takes the money from starving Haitian earthquake victims, that’s vampire stuff…
They have shit on everybody. With Bernie, her wife bankrupted the school where she worked..
I’ve met Donald Trump. He’s always been very nice to me, just a real nice guy (!!!)
1998 I had a talk show and 3 way debate with Michael Moore and Trump…. I said to Donald, boy you ought to run for President ‘cos you got a lot of really great ideas… and he did!
The left are more into how things make them feel than actual facts, because that’s part of mind control too… the Obama administration was about that too… in collusion with the corporate media and people are being told what to think.
Trump’s against Common Core
No one ever holds Hillary accountable for what she does. Donna Brazil and Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to resign, but no one held Hillary responsible for cheating.
Talk about homophobia and women’s rights and there’s the Clinton’s getting millions from Saudi.
I call them Demon-ists which is a democrat-feminist.
41:30 mins
Well, I know so many Americans were seeing through the corporate media bullshit with their wonderful Hillary stories that we had to swallow every single night while they eviscerated Trump… so that’s why it was a great day that he won, though you may not realise it yet. That was a revolution. Trump held up a mirror and told us who we are and a lot of people didn’t like it.
Hillary doesn’t respect women who accuse her husband of rape – she goes out of her way to destroy their entire lives. She’s immoral, dishonest and has no ideas, yet people are saying it’s important we have a woman President to show we’re not sexist.
48:11 mins
Can we talk about the body count Roseanne? What’s that all about?
Just go google Clinton body count – it’s over 210. You know people can get really depressed and shoot themselves in the head 6 or 7 times…
I’d only run again as a Republican, but then I saw Donald Trump did what I would have done…
Marijuana legal – isn’t that so civilised!”

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