Retired Labourer Patrick Tells BBC: “You’re The Most Dishonest Bunch!”

The BBC still don’t get It, while retired labourer Patrick does.

Patrick called into BBC R5 and said what I wanted to hear. This post is in thanks to Patrick, who ever and where ever he is; we will probably never know, but he perhaps spoke for so many anonymous members of the public.
Stephen Nolan 04/02/2017 BBC 5 Live 9pm

If anyone knows how to, and has the inclination, please save and YouTube this BBC conversation. I made a note to go back, listen and transcribe this section in my spare moments…. oh Trump; on the one hand he’s having an Israel love-in and what will happen to the Palestinians? On the other he has the BBC in a wonderful tizzy.

The accompanying BBC programme text:
‘Roger Stone has been an on-off adviser to Donald Trump for nearly 40 years, and is the author of a book about the 45th US president’s rise to power. He tells Stephen why he believes Trump’s critics have got it wrong.
After a US court overturns the president’s travel ban, what does this mean for those hoping to enter the US, and could he yet successfully block that decision?
In the second of our in-depth series investigating Fake News, we hear from the man who claims his invented news stories helped Donald Trump become president.
The bright yellow car that’s driving locals to vandalism in a chocolate box Cotswolds village.
After new father Russell Brand reveals he sees gender in a new light after the birth of his baby daughter, is it ever possible to achieve completely gender-neutral parenting?
And Edwina Currie and Mohammed Shafiq take a look at the stories making the Sunday papers.’

The whole programme was so bias from the word go; as the BBC tends to be; the journalists are so lazy and dull of mind. I feel as if I could have pulled them up on their false facts and arguable commentary on almost every sentence. It was amazing that Roger Stone was even on the BBC, not that Stephen Nolan views him as a credible voice.

Mohammed Shafiq, … such a politically correct social justice warrior twerp, stated that Trump is not actually going to get anything done – when it seems quite apparent that in just 2 weeks Trump has done more than Obama did in 2 years or more… but, it was member of the British public Patrick that made my evening. He not only questioned the BBC’s penchant for persistent use of the anti-Semitic card, but he echoed Trump’s ‘you’re fake news’ line.

1:55:30 mins in… a member of the public calls in…
Stephen Nolan introduces Patrick in Bournemouth…
“I’m just a poor retired labourer with no money and feeling sorry for the multi-millionaire Trump….”
Nolan laughs, not realising what is coming…
“…. ‘cos of the rubbishing you’re giving him tonight, saying he’s taken no advise. Of course he takes advise. He’s got two permanent people sitting there at his desk; one of them is his son in law, Jared Kushner, and the other one is Stephen Miller, both who by the way are Jewish, so they’re not racist and they’re not anti… people were saying he’s bringing back what happened in the 30’s. It’s total rubbish. These men are brilliant young men….”
With which Mohammed Shafiq interrupts the caller: “Well, let me say this to you, it’s actually Jason Miller and Jared Kushner, but the fact remains he released a statement on Holocaust Memorial Day and forgot to mention the fact that 6 million Jews were killed by Hitler…”
Patrick sighs… “Oh, for God’s sake…”
Mohammed Shafiq again talks over Patrick… “Well I’m sorry, but if you release a statement on Holocaust Memorial Day then surely you should at least recognise the 6 million Jews that were killed…”
Patrick was having none of it: “You’re really  scraping the bottom of the barrel, give us a break man.”
Mohammed Shafiq insists, “Well look, I’m saying to you if he’s (Trump) somebody who’s inclusive on those issues on Holocaust Memorial Day, then he should have at least mentioned the Jewish community who were massacred by Hitler… he didn’t mention it… why didn’t he mention it?”
Patrick is exasperated on the other end of the phone: “… he’s got two Jewish men sitting at his desk, why are you saying he’s ant-Semitic?”
Mohammed Shafiq: “I’m not saying he’s anti-Semitic, I never said he’s anti-Semitic….”
Patrick: “Well, what are you talking about then, why are you bringing it up?”
Mohammed Shafiq: “I’m saying that if you want to appeal to the whole of the US, then surely, when you release statements on  Holocaust Memorial Day, then you should mention the Jewish community…”
Patrick: “You’re one of those Remoaners…”
Mohammed Shafiq: “I certainly campaigned to remain in the €U, but I’m actively looking forward to the fact that we’re going to Brexit..”
Stephen Nolan pipes in: “So, do you think Patrick the media is giving Trump too harder a time?”
Patrick: “Absolutely, Trump got it right – you’re the most dishonest bunch that ever lived…. bye bye!”
Stephen Nolan: “Do you mean that?”
We can just hear the noise of Patrick hanging up, though our BBC hosts cannot quite believe he’s said that and simply gone; Patrick’s heard enough and said his bit.
Stephen Nolan: “He does mean it, he’s hung up!”
They laugh.
Edwina Currie: “I love that; that’s authentic voice of the kind of people that elected Trump, voted for Brexit, whatever…”

They don’t get it. They just don’t get it – while retired labourer Patrick does. Oh, I wish Trump had heard this. I bet he would have at least seen Patrick good for a dinner.

Compare a taxpayer funded BBC programme with a group of alternative media commentators who do get it; who actually engage in an intelligent, humourous commentary on the past week’s current affairs. Just the programme notes, which I’ve noted here, are impressive compared to the BBC’s lack of research and understanding of the subject… this show is hosted by 21st Century Wire run by Patrick Henningsen. a perfect example of a journalist I’d love to see on my taxpayer national broadcasting  service, though I hasten to add he is not featured on this particular episode of…
Boiler Room #95 – Weapons of Mass Penetration
Programme notes:
Jay Dyer – Orthodoxy & The Religion of The Future
Sargon of Akkad – Antifa & Black Bloc Explained
Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement as an Instrument of Coercion
Bill Clinton on Immigration in 1995
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Boiler Room Group – NEW!
Order your copy of Conspiracy, Compliance, Control, and Defiance: A Primer on what is, and what is to be done by Andy Nowicki
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I do not have grand delusions about Trump, but it does feel appropriate to counter balance the onslaught of the establishment rhetoric against him .This following link is Patrick Henningsen who opens by saying if you are confused about what might happen next – join the club! Among his guests is ‘Trog Lodyte’ who is upbeat about Trump and gives useful insight as to why he could prove a good President compared to the nonsense we’ve so long been served up….
Episode #172 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Trumpe Le Monde’ with guests Trog Lodyte, Sarah Abed:

Patrick, retired labourer, I heard you and who ever you are, hats off to you.


6 Responses to “Retired Labourer Patrick Tells BBC: “You’re The Most Dishonest Bunch!””

  1. alison says:

    Isn’t it funny how we all deny reading Hello and OK but they are always the most thumbed magazines in the dentist’s and doctor’s wating rooms… So exactly WHO IS reading them?

    There is a trend here because anybody who thinks Trump has it even half-right is always damn sure to issue a proviso that they are not pro-Trump before stating a Trump-supportive statement.
    (My button pressed, hence this outburst!)

    I am coming out and saying here and now that Trump is the right man for the job NOW… he has saved us from all kinds of evils that our sister Hitlery Clinton and her cronies were leading us us further into… so… for goodness sake, can those of us who have woken up, please give this man a break… the mainstream media continues to misreport his doings, just to create division, E.g. YES, he has said the pipelines WILL go ahead but ONLY UNDER STRICT PROVISOES for example, that the pipes are made from U.S. steel…

    He has told Netanyahu: – No more settlements…

    There was absolutely NO mention of Muslims in his immigration restrictions; look at the meal the Lamestream Media made of that one.

    Apparently one of his own children was adversely affected by a vaccination and that played a big part in persuading him to run for president to take down the pharmaceuticals.

    I have seen no proof that he is one of the controlling establishment, otherwise popularly known as the Illuminati… that’s why he is getting such a bashing from the MSM.

    Poor guy! He has walked into a den of vipers and all we seem to be able to do is criticize him, either directly or by innuendo.

    He’s never been president before, ergo, he’s on a learning curve and (I apologize for my outrage) I am sick of the childish expectation which seems to be prevalent everywhere that he has thrown “our rattle” out of “our pram” so we have “every right to cry”. Pardon me but somewhere along the line, we collectively allowed our world to get into this hideous mess! That is “we, us, ourselves!”

    Maybe this is off-topic but why do we all seem to expect somebody else to sort it out for us?

    Let’s stand up for what is right for all of us and support Trump to find his way through the putrid quagmire that he finds himself in.

    I don’t understand why anybody bothers to listen to or watch the BBC (British Bullshitting Corporation), which as I understand it from the research I’ve done, was a propaganda machine set up to persuade the British people that the queen is legitimately royal and we all now know it’s a corporation riddled with paedophilia, funded by the EU for further propaganda.

    I take my hat off to Patrick for having the nouse to “WALK AWAY” and not get sucked in to some puerile dead-end discussion with this bunch of perverts and manipulators; of course, they don’t get it! That’s the illusion! They are well aware of what is going on… the lady politician referred to is apparently a suspected paedophile with a rather putrid “p***y” according to one of her reported victims… she knows only too well what the story is… and persists in trying to delude the British public in a desperate attempt to… maintain the status quo that suits the elite.

    Their time is up!

    • emm jay says:

      Well said alison … it’s so hard to stomach what we can clearly see is going on in the msm and their agenda with Trump etc. It’s nauseating and as you say ‘putrid’. But … I’m lovin’ Trump’s retorts back at ’em … they are a joy.

    • NPP says:

      Lovely comment Alison. Outburst? It reads rather measured.

      I don’t read Hello or OK; but then I’ve avoided doctor and dentist waiting rooms for 15 years or so.

      Trump is the most exciting prospect perhaps in my life time; as a 1963 child I wonder how good JFK might have been. Generally I am a current affairs anorak, but Trump has changed changed my anorak from platform grey to a spectrum potential I hardly dare contemplate. I was in Malaysia when Blair came to power and was over the moon at the end of the Tories. Oh dear, how naive I was and how disappointing it turned out to be. So, Trump? I backed him at the start because he wasn’t the others. However, I watched, listened and continue to do so. I have a gut-feeling he just might be the right man for the job, as you say, now.

      I enjoy monitoring the BBC to be aware of the banal level of conversation our taxpayer funded news and information is dishing out. Occasionally nuggets of good do pop out, but you have to be able to notice even if you do hear them. When you are aware of mass ‘mind control’ techniques, which most people have no inkling about, it is interesting to observe how that plays out within the corporate media. This particular night I was walking back roads and across fields on about a 5 mile round trip visiting friends, portable radio in hand. Edwina Currie; who screwed the UK PM who later became the €U Chairman of the Carlyle group, and wrote a book detailing it, is just an example of the appalling people in parliament and on our airwaves. I find it fascinating how these characters find a take on the week’s events; are they witting or unwitting? It seems often they are unwitting and simply programmed to churn out the desired spiel. Right now it is such entertainment since frequently members of the public call in and tell them how it is. As I merrily went my way, Patrick was akin to a shining star voice of reason that came and went in the night. It was a golden nugget moment.

      I spend much of my day painting, which is why I get to listen to material most simply do not have time for from history to health to anything that grabs my fancy – is grab my fancy toilet talk?! Have I just offended myself?!

      I usually check-in to the BBC R4 Today and PM news programmes. 5pm tends to be wine and cooking time. Oh yes, I drink well over the recommended BBC dose. But then I drink plenty of water and have Dr. Mercola essential oils in my bathroom; I am the weirdo who takes his own Celtic Sea Salt abroad to place on the best restaurants in e.g. Istanbul, because as good as the food might be, they are clueless abut salt; I am the weirdo who takes his own coconut oil while everyone else has their expensive bottles of suncream lotions. I have been listening to to Steve Hewlett on the BBC PM Eddie NightMair programme chronicling his cancer experience and shouting at the radio: for figs sake go see Clive de Carle or buy Ty Bollinger’s Cancer DVD sets or something other than this perpetual conventional corporate health route… otherwise sunshine, you ain’t gonna make it.

      Indeed, their time is up and I felt it fitting to at least acknowledge Patrick’s effort to call in and inform them. You should have heard Edwina Currie spin a tale to explain these ‘eccentric’ members of the public. She does not get it. They do not get it and perhaps will never get it. It makes for hilarious entertainment as you walk ‘cross agricultural fields infested with decades of chemical over-dose, knowing that just may be, just may be, we have a US President who actually questions the pharmaceutical industry and might even draw a halt to incessant foreign interventionist policy.

      Laugh and note beauty as you can; antidotes to fear.

      PS. Please some one start producing the John Berkow Dart Board…. I bet you could outburst on that twerp Alsion. I cannot fathom these characters; I can but laugh at them.

  2. Tom74 says:

    Sadly, what was once a great British institution has been bullied and blackmailed into peddling daily propaganda for the Israelis – whether it’s the Holocaust, anti-semitism in general or lazy smears on Israel’s many ‘enemies’. The BBC seem to have achieved this by hiring zionist-inclined bosses and very stupid/naive presenters who seem incapable of independent thought. What a tragedy that we have lost our own country without most people even realising it.

  3. NPP says:

    I had a friend who survived 5 WWII camps. He survived because he volunteered for the typhus block and subsequently received better rations at a time when food supply was tight and disease ravaging camp workers. He wrote a book. It details horrible stuff, but not a single mention of gas…. he must have been a camp survivor denier!?

  4. NPP says:

    Thank you.
    Yes, not my forte capturing IT commentary – thank goodness there are those who know and do.

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