At first I ignored this topic, because I figured it had to be bogus because of the type of radioactive iodine that has been found widespread across Europe should be impossible, and part of what I try to do is filter B.S. so it does not pollute the front page.However, now I think there might be something to this, because the reports are too widespread, and the material causing the radiation has been identified as iodine 131.

Iodine 131 is only produced by nuclear blasts, or extremely fresh material removed from nuclear reactors that are being run in a way that will produce it. There are no other sources. And the source cannot be Fukushima, because the recent high levels of radiation discovered there, despite being high, won’t produce iodine 131 and that reactor type won’t do it in abundance either. So you can rule out Fukushima.

IF these reports are real, and there really is radioactive iodine spread across Europe, the only things I can speculate is that 1. There is a dirty bomb scenario being set up, or 2. Somehow there was a nuclear test that no one knew about (doubtful) or 3. There was an explosion of a very hot running reactor that happened and did not get reported.

Here’s a good possibility: Someone did not want to use polonium so they are running around with iodine 131 poisoning people. That would do this too.

Whatever it is causing this has not been discovered yet, all they know is that across Europe in many places particles of iodine 131 are showing up. Iodine 131 has a short half life of only 8 days. If this stuff is out there it has to be VERY FRESH and STRAIGHT OUT OF SOMEONE’S NUCLEAR PROGRAM. So heads up people – there may be a mass assassination action underway, where many people are getting poisoned across a wide region. Since nuclear blasts and reactor explosions tend to be more noticeable than a few pigeons, if this radioactive iodine scare is real there might be a black op underway.


Remember two weeks ago there was an explosion at a French nuclear plant? They said it was nothing. Now, there is radioactive iodine showing up all over Europe. Blamed on something the Russians did at the North Pole? If Russia did something at the North Pole, howcome nothing showed up in Alaska or Northern Canada? Both are closer to the North Pole than Europe. Things that make you go Hmmmmmm . . . . . .

I’d bet that explosion in France really was something after all, and they do not want to admit it. How else do you get an American radiation sniffing plane flying around, and readings that say something big happened all over Europe and nowhere else?



  1. ian says:

    Black op to eliminate opposition to Kalergi immigration plan possibly.?

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