Public hangings required to restore confidence

Formerly a contributor to Huffington Post, he realised that the mainstream news he was propagating was mostly not true.  Now he’s an alternative news channel, breaking news and getting huge blowback.  David Seaman.  He’s now getting the treatment with an attempt to prove him mentally unstable, as he reveals details on Pizzagate and so on.  He’s battling the pedocriminal mainstream media head on.   Here is a real journalist.

Pizzagate is waking people up.  David Seaman is on the front line.  A friend of his was stabbed to death recently in a weird home invasion.  His private Facebook pictures showed this woman with him which looked like a relationship.  Another woman who was helping him to research Pizzagate was also stabbed to death.  He now sleeps with a loaded pistol by his bed.  But he’s still out there.  This is a real journalist. Unbelievable courage.  He does seem a  little unstable however.  And he’s not filtering his news feed too well right now, opines Nathan Stolpman.  He believes God is protecting him, and judging people who are remaining silent.  I can’t say he’s wrong for what he’s saying.

Nathan has similar beliefs.  Telling people what’s really going on brings salvation and eternal life, he says.  It’s noticeable how many alternative media heroes are also Christians.  From Dr Stan Monteith, who first opened my eyes about six years ago to so many others.  Without belief, these people would not be able to take what comes their way, and remain sane while realising the unpleasant truths that lie behind our fake world.  My own position is more of observer, with an occasional foray into activism.  I just pass on to readers what seems important, or interesting.  This man is definitely interesting.


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