Presstitiute Award To Jon Sopel: “BBC… impartial, free and fair…”

I am pleased to announce that BBC Washington correspondent Jon Sopel is hereby duly awarded the title of Presstitute!

Jon has regularly reported on Donald Trump. I have watched and listened several times the same material that Jon comments upon. Jon is bias and delivers slanted reports as far as I, a mere member of the UK voting public, can observe.

As a reminder, the term presstitute was given us by US Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente; such a good word.

A classic comment, in response to Donald Trump’s observation,
“Ah the BBC, another beauty, I know who you are…”
Jon Sopel responded by describing the BBC as,
“… impartial, free and fair…”
You can watch here about 59:30 mins in…
President Trump Holds a Press Conference:

The questions and answers with the press commences just after 23 mins… I recommend it. It’s entertaining and so different from the teleprompter Obomba or Cameron or Clinton or any of them. However, some people watched the same conference and hated it. What to say? The observer determines the outcome?!

Good one Jon; you should be on the TV with material like that and of course, you are, at the taxpayer’s expense! Impartial, free and fair my arse.



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  1. alan5232 says:

    One thing is for sure…they will be treated with all due respect, fed and housed properly, and not frog marched to gas chambers.. Then repatriated to wherever they originated….and I think we ALL know to whom I’m referring.

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