Plato’s Republic gives far more explanation of current events than any modern day media.

Plato’s Republic describes events very similar to those going on today, claims this video.  It’s worth a watch.  Two minutes only.  Plato was more than just an observer of events, and he knew much about the control system from the inside.  Remember his description of ‘the cave’ and the images projected onto the cave wall watched by a trapped audience – which makes you think of cultural control by television, and the way that the herd can be manipulated past the point at which they can recognise reality.

The system, in similar vein, makes use of democracy for a while, and then eventually subverts it into tyranny, using all the techniques described by Plato here – the merging of male and female identities,  the merging of rich with poor, and other things that sound familiar to today’s world.  Political systems are gradually changed over time, so that no one can ever get any leverage over those who orchestrate the constant changes, while they operate hidden in the background.  The only certainty is ongoing constant change as that is in the interests of the elites.

Empires, nations, political parties and all other institutions cannot maintain themselves in the path of devastating and constant change.  Only those in the background, and in control, who know what the game plan is, can derive benefit from such a programme, destroying all competition and potential competition as they go.  Plato could have told us Donald Trump was coming (and Brexit), had he still been among us!

The flipover to populist democracy is the usual next step after a period of law-abiding constitutional democracy, says Plato.

Today there is clearly a disagreement amongst the elites as to when the EU should be sent to oblivion, and when the warrior Bushes and the Clintons should be parked.  Some individuals are clearly wedded to the current status quo (Blair and Cameron for example in Britain, and Hillary in the US, Soros too) as they had been doing so well out of it, in all the ways imaginable.  Even now the forces standing against the new era are fighting to send it all backwards again.

Trump should survive though as he is no Kennedy.  Kennedy wanted to preserve the Republic and legality.  Trump’s not so bothered by legality.  He is more like reality TV let loose on the world.  He’s the ideal next step to fulfil Plato’s plan.  Unfathomable, mould-breaking, political change which will leave the those who can’t read what is happening (i.e. nearly all of us) disadvantaged, and the elites even more powerful – apart from the Clintons, and the Bushes of course.  Their run of supremacy is apparently over.



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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Further evidence of zionist interference in UK aided and abetted by our Quisling establishment.

    Do note how the Quisling Tories prevented private prosecution of zionist war criminals.

    ‘Anti-Semitic’ singer in court after private prosecution

    Alison Chabloz from Derbyshire to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court for ‘anti-Semitic’ song
    By Jewish News reporter December 14, 2016,

    Alison Chabloz interviewed by Paul Fromm at The London Forum

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