Pedocriminals love The Spectator

Comments are flying.  They ran a piece by Roy Liddle ridiculing the whistleblowers revealing Heath was a pedocriminal.  Other writers are also so inclined in their articles, saying how unfair it is for retired people and dead people to be accused of child rape and murder (as does Liddle).

Liddle’s article extract

I got lost in the forest near my house while walking the dog the other week. The path I was on, and which I thought I knew, narrowed until it was scarcely a path at all. The trees closed in and brambles tore at my legs. Somewhere, high above, I could hear the importuning mew of a buzzard. And then I reached a small clearing where the tall grass and the broom had been flattened. There were signs that a fire had been lit in the centre, and there were the shadows of human footprints in the hard earth.

I immediately felt sick inside — for I knew exactly and without question what this was. It had been the site of a satanic paedo-phile orgy involving our former prime minister Sir Edward Heath.

I commented under Liddle’s piece (Link below) as you would expect and got an earful back.

Join in the ‘fun’.  You might need to register with DISQUS.  It will close down in time, but don’t allow a seemingly respectable publication to be effectively advocating serious crime by ridiculing it all, and publicly defending those so accused.

It does slightly give the game away as to what kind of people they are.  One comment I made is the magazine’s name needs changing to The Perpetrator.  I linked to Sun Sea and Satan, the video by Bill Malonie about Jersey’s pedocriminal goings on.  I linked to

Many comments are saying that the evidence of child murder in Jersey is rubbish, the bones were rabbit bones etc.  With Pizzagate blowing America apart right now, you wonder if The Spectator has been recruited along with other main media outlets to stop the pedocriminals in Britain from being publicly outed.  Heath is just the first domino after all.



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  1. jkick says:

    Tap, here you go….let’s see if Liddle thinks this fella a lunatic ..

    According to Micheal Shrimpton, Jimmy Savile procured children from Haute de Gaurenne childrens home in jersey and took them to Heaths boat,Morning Cloud,where they were abused and murdered and thrown overboard.This is why no bodies were found at Haute de gaurenne.Michael Shrimpton was speaking on Bristol Community radio in january 2013…

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