Oroville Dam sabotage aimed at destroying Californian economy


There will be no more updates tonight because I have to get some sleep. Listen to the emergency personnel, this emergency is no hoax.

UPDATE: By opening the primary spillway to 115,000 cfs they drained the top foot and a half off the reservoir quickly and dropped the lake level to below the emergency spillway level. However, so much erosion happened that they don’t know how far below that they need to go to get the water to stop flowing around the emergency spillway through an erosion breach. THEY HAVE NOT GIVEN THE ALL CLEAR, but it might be getting better, my guess.

They decided to sacrifice what’s left of the main spillway to stop a catastrophic failure elsewhere. That won’t last, more rain is coming and record snow is there to melt.

There were a few readers who said I reported about the dam too much. I kept on it, because I strongly believe the spillway failure was sabotage. And I did not think they would sabotage the spillway unless they had run endless 3d modeling proving an absolute failure would result. I was confident this failure was the end result of careful modeling and sabotage to make it happen, but did not say it because it sounded too “out there”.

And now, TOO BAD, I’D RATHER BE WRONG but now the emergency spillway is failing also, because it is just too much water to run over a damaged dam. I believe communists in California’s government blew the primary spillway up with explosives. After that, nature would finish the catastrophe. And I believe they carefully planned this out fully, complete with ground penetrating radar scans to prove there would be a horrible end result. That is the type of people that are running California now, I would not put this one inch past them.

Whatever happens now all depends upon how strong the rock in the mountain is that all of this water is going to flow over if the emergency spillway does give out completely. Hopefully we will only lose the top 50 feet of water, and not all 770 feet of it. The dam report will be updated regularly in the embedded window.



TAP – Water is the weapon yet again.  Endless weather control droughts.  Polluted fracking water destroying underground water.  now dams being sabotaged.  California is under attack.  It’s environmental warfare aiming at removing the most vital resource from the people of California – water.



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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    Thanks to the huge federal debt incurred largely by wars for Israel, the World Government owns the United States and is planning to break it up. The mineral resources were already secured by the Environmental Protection Act of 1970, which covertly ringfenced much of the US mineral wealth, eg Alaskan oil, as collateral for the federal debt. The United States is the super-sucker of the planet. The world government/bankers will claim in hard assets every penny of the ‘money’ they created out of thin air.

    The same thing is happening in Europe, where Merkel no longer calls for bankers’ ‘haircuts’, but instead pauperizes debtors like Greece, bankrupted according to the modus operandi of John Perkins.

    Here in the UK, the Tories have carefully prepared for the coming crash. At a time of austerity that has driven the mortality rate up to the levels of 1946, they have somehow managed to double [sic] the national debt, in order to force the liquidation of public/state property to the maximum. The crash will come this year. As former Soros partner Jim Rodgers put it last week, ‘a lot of people will disappear’. May and Cameron have surpassed themselves in this regard: the Conservative government has achieved a record UK mortality rate, and also has been involved in 7 murderous Middle Eastern wars that have killed and wrecked the lives of millions – all for Israel. The Conservative Party is the Party of Death at home and abroad.

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