Nano-particle silver puts pharmaceuticals out of a job

This is an advert.  The product being sold can cure people of things like MRSA, C Diff and other hospital acquired infections, from which people are dying by the thousand.  The company claims that nano particle silver will penetrate Lyme Disease and can in some cases help a cure.  It’s also great for infections suffered by diabetics on their feet etc. saving many from amputations.  I’ve seen it used successfully for some of these purposes myself, and can recommend giving it a try.

I use it to cure stomach upsets in kids, and stop infections in their tracks.  Silver kills all bacteria and some viruses on contact.  Normal colloidal silver is effective but this a hundred times more powerful than that.  It’s only been available for about three years.

Being good marketers, they are not claiming anti-biotics in many cases no longer work, although they might well have done so.

They are instead saying that silver helps anti-biotics to work.  That way the powers that run health services and other pharmaceutical industrialists can’t complain about nano-particle silver putting them out of business.  They’ll keep themselves in business, by allowing silver to do the curing, and pretending to people that they still need the anti-biotics, which are increasingly becoming useless, and which also kill off desirable bacteria in the gut.

Silver will, if allowed to do so, do a lot to replace anti-biotics that are gradually becoming useless.  Silver is harmless to people, and has been used to cure people for thousands of years.  Only in burns units do modern day hospitals admit that silver works.  They use silver-enhanced bandages to stop bacterial infections.  If it works in burns units why won’t it work in other wards?  Curing people quickly and cheaply is bad for business, I guess, and many more people would still be with us if they did.  Keeping population in check is a key objective of government run ‘health’ services.


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