Melania won her defamation lawsuit

Even the scamming Politico had to be honest about this. She sued the Daily Mail and blogger Webster Tarpley for calling her a high end escort and other defaming comments that were pure fiction. The court threw out her case against the Daily Mail, saying it was out of the court’s jurisdiction. But they let the lawsuit against Tarpley proceed, and she won.

Sorry about the link to Politico, but their report is complete. You can tell they hated to say this.

Above from

TAP – poor old Webster Tarpley.  Serving politicians normally let such matters pass by and ignore them, but this is an accusation the Trumps couldn’t afford not to defend.

I like Jim Stone’s careful phrasing.

The Daily Mail has been brought onside, I imagine.  Tarpley is potentially heavily hit and will no doubt be in severe difficulties from hereon.

He’s a very active blogger/journalist who exposed much about George Bush senior’s war career and other things.

Bush didn’t sue.

The Trumps have sent a signal to all other media that they will.

I wonder if the traffic manipulators on the internet will change things for The Tap after Trump.

We’ve been heavily suppressed for the last year, with traffic numbers no longer growing.  Even when we got posts that surged, they fell away to normal traffic very quickly with links severed etc.

Up til the election period, our traffic had grown non-stop for ten years, and we had occasional posts that took hundreds of thousands of hits, like the Gary Speed suicide post.

Also we had that Hampstead post which sent over 30 million people onto Youtube in a week, and the story went worldwide in a day hitting many of the major US sites.  Hundreds of millions of people saw the videos on Facebook and elsewhere.  That might have caused a period of heavier suppression from on high.

We get regular attention from commenters paid to mess up the comment section, and genuine commenters often unable to get their comments through.  We keep on despite it all.  NPP is currently quite active. Gordon’s gone very quiet.  I hope he’s alright.  He said he’d be going into hospital at some stage.  Maybe he’s there now.  He was also complaining about trouble with his ISP.  Where are you, Gordon?

The other Gordon (Logan) chips in posts from time to time, as we approach our twelfth year in operation.




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