Is Trump the new Nixon?

Although an alternative media channel founder (this blog in 2006), I made the curious decision to resubscribe to The Spectator a few weeks ago, after a ten year gap.  Last week I nearly cancelled, as I found the political commentary weak, if not nauseating.  This week I found I could read most of the articles without feeling like throwing up, although aware that most of the contributors are system-compliant, getting the readers lost in the minutiae of detail, rather than introducing them to a broader and better overview, which would give away the multiple deceptions practised by the government and the corporations – the system.

One article writes something quite interesting, however, about President Nixon, comparing him to Trump, written by Taki under High Life.  I quote a tiny extract.

‘..there’s a clear bias against Trump these days, mostly emanating from a Fourth Estate that simply cannot swallow the fact that he beat the hell out of them……..

The biggest laugh I had came from the comparison of Trump with President Nixon.  The latter no more liked the Media and the NY Times than Trump does, but he had both houses of Congress against him.  The Donald does not.   Nixon was a great President brought down by a Palace coup and the Washington establishment.  He brought a period of detente with the Soviet Union, providing an opportunity for Soviet Jews to emigrate, opened the door to China, preserved American ties with Taiwan, came to the rescue of Israel in 1973, and concluded the Vietnam War with honour while bringing home American POWs.  Washington thanked him by trying to impeach him for the cover-up of a bungled break-in he did not order or approve of…..

The war was Johnson’s war, not Nixon’s war….

Unlike Nixon, who could only defend himself through a few honest journalists…..,  Trump has a nuclear option in his hands that’s called Twitter…..He can dish it out where Nixon could not.

The game has changed through technology, and the old hag, the NY Times cannot compete.  It can only spew out rage and lies…..

That insight was interesting.  Was Nixon the peace-maker got rid of by the pedocriminal Washington war enthusiasts?  Trump’s days in office are far too recent to say anything much as yet about him, and the picture is still not clear.  Let’s hope he is as peaceable as Taki implies he is.


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