Human Intelligence 304 – Internet Addiction


Ry Dawson interviews Doug Valentine on the CIA and NGOs in Ukraine:
This is a couple of years old, yet remains pertinent to today. Valentine explains how CIA operations are at work in foreign nation states, organising and funding NGO’s, buying property, employing academies, cooperating with corporate and media associates.

About 1:11mins in Valentine explains 304…

…. Came out 2009. 4-5 pages long.
Spells out in simplistic terms what FBI, CIA and dept of Defence do for Director of National Intelligence.
After 9/11 Director of CIA was no longer in charge of the whole of National Intelligence; a new position Director of National Intelligence was created.
This gave more political control over national intelligence operations.

The 304 issues a directive as to what the jobs of the military, CIA and FBI are.
Although the 2009 version is here online, the current version has redactions; cutting out the parts of what the CIA does…. because their activities are illegal, so the public do not need to know; the CIA doesn’t even want you to know what’s unclassified.
Your rulers are obsessed with controlling information as Glenn Greenwald is obsessed with what you get to know within the documents he has.

It just is corruption.
If you can’t ask your government what the CIA is doing – that’s corruption.
Every time documents are declassified, it is nothing to do with sensitive secrets, it is to do with hiding illegal activity.
The first thing they want is property. The best way to reduce prices on property is to start a war. CIA destabilises countries, then US corporations can go in and and sweep up.

The CIA has a stable of exiles to call upon when an engineered crisis occurs. The CIA has been operating in the Ukraine since 1948-9. All the spies the Nazis had in the Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Eastern European countries were still in place and went to work for the CIA.
If the Ukrainians, Japanese, Russian etc were doing in the US what the CIA is doing to everybody else, Americans would be patrolling the streets with guns… the CIA has grandchildren of Nazis on its payroll.
The Russians are perfectly aware of this.
Te American people don’t know anything about all this, because of journalists; because of the way news is presented in the US. The media owners don’t want you to know of all the illegal activities they are engaged in. The way journalism is constructed in the US is just a cover for the CIA. There’s no such thing as objective, factual, truthful reporting.
It’s a mistake to say the CIA has infiltrated journalism – the kind of journalism practised in the USA was in existence long before the CIA.
Try to get one newspaper, one talking head on TV to mention that Palestine is under occupation – it’ll never happen.
People think they have some kind of freedom, it’s all relative, but if you start to know a little bit, you realise you don’t know very much at all.
The internet is making a small dent in it?
In the early 80’s it would take a month to get in touch with a person…. send a letter, have them answer the letter… st up a time and place to meet.
Now we can Skype in a minute.
However, one of the features of the CIA is it is very big into science and technology. Go back to MK Ultra and see examples of this; the CIA is as the forefront of drone technology, weapons technology, aircraft technology etc. It goes for the internet too. In the 90’s I took a course in HTML, the language the internet relies upon. We were taught that all internet information, the super-processors, is routed through Langley Virginia.
Putin said recently the internet is a special project – he wasn’t kidding you; the CIA did build the internet.
Our internet capabilities are a new kind of freedom at the leave of the CIA. If they anted they could shut it down in a minute.
The moment is rife now for them to start charging, everyone’s addicted to it.
This whole internet fantasy is going to tun nightmarish. They’re giving to a free text, a free Skype, like drug dealers in China 1848. What makes you think they won’t do it here?

Added note: 1848 – Coming to America, The Diaspora of the Chinese to California:

Enjoy the good times – this little bşt of freedom we have now, because it doesn’t take a weatherman to see which way the wind is blowing.
The directive 304 and what you can find online un-redacted, has now been classified. Civil liberties are diminishing. The supreme Court just said no one can challenge Obama’s right to detain. He kills without trial. They can do anything they want and it’s all perfectly legal. They had the largest corporate bailout in history and nobody went to jail.

Get out your pitchforks people! They teach you pacifism, but of course they teach you pacifism – because it doesn’t do anything!

Bonus clip from recent days:
James Corbett: Trump Admin Raising Phoenix Program From the Ashes:

… and just for fun:


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