‘Houston. We have a problem’ – NASA admits they can’t get into space.


No rocket has ever left earth orbit, let alone go to the moon.   The Hubble doesn’t exist.  The space station doesn’t exist.  The space shuttle is a hoax.  NASA is a hoax organisation.

‘Houston.  We’ve got a problem.’  This speaker practically admits it all, and the ‘narrator’ voice over completes the task.  I don’t agree with all the voiceover says by any means.  But the space hoax exposed by Nathan Stolpman of Lifttheveil on youtube or altnews.com, where he shows how they create temporary weightlessness using aircraft, gets further exposure here.

Is this another reason Antarctica is out of bounds to commercial flights?  They need to send the false space craft somewhere to land out of sight.


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  1. Scotty says:

    Antarctica might be ‘out of bounds’ because it does not exist i.e. there is no giant continent there, just the Ice Barrier with an undefined land mass behind.
    Look at commercial flights in southern hemisphere.
    Joburg. To BA Argentina: across Antarctica? No! Multi-stop flight via North America or Middle East! Why?

    • RabbiT says:

      What about Air New Zealand – Auckland to Buenos Aires at 11 hrs 40 mins?

      • Scotty says:

        How many other flights across Southern Ocean? The few there are, are allegedly non-existent, in reality.
        If you want to make that journey you have to go via North America or Middle East.
        Look at air routes on flattened Metcator projection map – don’t mske any sense.

      • RabbiT says:

        Forget other routes just take Auckland to Buenos Aires – I calculated it can not be done in 12 hours (regardless of what route is flown) using the AE Map:


      • Scotty says:

        My point is that the short-flight across Southern Ocean close to Antarctica, does not exist, allegedly.
        It’s detailed on flight booking websites to deceive and that, in reality, if you want fly between South Africa / South America / Australasia you have to go long-haul via Nth America or Middle East, as per map depicting the earth correctly, with is the asimuthal equidistant projection, as used by United Nations on their logo.
        Search images for Gleeson’s Air Map.
        When commercial flight stopovers and flight times are compared to Gleeson’s, it begins to make sense.

  2. eddieleejn says:

    This may be true regarding ‘mainstream’ explanations of available space technology, but given the true nature of what’s available to ‘them’, it doesn’t mean they can’t get to the moon and ‘beyond’. I’ve seen what I can only describe as ‘UFO’s’ move from ‘one horizon to the other’, and zig zag at ‘impossible’ rates of velocity….. you’d get from Auckland to Buenos Aires in about 5 minutes from what I could see (south of C.London, June 2012).

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