Executive Orders create totalitarian state in USA


All it will take for the totalitarian state to be brought into being is the declaration of state of emergency.  From that moment, all individual freedom will be cancelled.  You and your family and your possessions will become government property.

Trump has all this power at his fingertips.  A tyranny has been created.  Trump shows no sign of not using the system of Executive Orders, which bypasses the legislature.

Icke explains it superbly well. ‘Swish of the pen.  Law of the land.’  No debate.  Divide and Rule chaos and upheaval is what they want. Trump’s doing his best to keep the people divided against each other, says Icke.

Icke says stop battling with each other as we’re playing the game of the cabal by doing so.

TAP – Let’s hope the people see through it all, and carry on, ignoring the ‘ordo ab chao’ strategy being implemented.  Let’s hope Trump manages to keep the lid on the situation, and keeps to a programme of improving the economy (Has he handed it all to Goldman Sachs, as Icke says?).  So far he’s not started or prosecuted any wars.  Obama and Bush hoped Clinton would come in and carry on with the strategy of  endless war.  Soros is trying to keep the opposition to Trump at fever pitch.  The war party is still in second place, and they won’t go away quietly.  Soros seems to want the chaos more than Trump.


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  1. NPP says:

    I listened to David. Big fan of Ickey, but as I listened I wondered if Trump might prove him wrong.
    I know, I’m setting myself up for a fall?

    I found this interesting. I left in in comments already. It’s nearly 4 hours long!Joe Rogan Experience #911 – Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo
    Watch Alex Jones having a spliff! He keeps it together, unlike the Eddie chap…

    e.g. Trump has Goldman Sachs people in? They know how the system works.
    Icke has an ideal approach, and I like his analysis, books etc…
    Trump has to deal with a real world situation; he has to deal with the Zionist lobby; with Soros shenanigans; organs such as the BBC which are so bias against him.
    The propaganda pointing the critical finger at Trump’s immigration ban on 7 countries is unrelenting.

    It would be interesting to have Alex Jones chat with David Icke now. Those who understood Hillary-Bush-Obama are gladly gone, should communicate and discuss, not alienate each other.

  2. Nollidge says:

    The 1st U.s. President to issue an unconstitutional “Executive order” was a guy called ,er, George Washington.Any one remember him?.
    (I can’t recall the details,but I’m sure Google will help you here.

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