Blair fears Brexit

The Supreme Court is no such thing.  There is a further right of appeal from the incorrectly named Supreme Court to the ECJ in Brussels.  Even if Britain withdraws from the EU and the Treaties, our legal system is controlled from the EU.  The previous supreme court in Britain were The Law Lords.  These are no longer functioning.   Since 1972 our legal system was junked, and our common law system replaced with the teleological system of Brussels.  Brexit cannot become effective until the previous legal system is returned (Or at least one where the ultimate right of appeal is located in Britain once more, with judges appointed from within the profession based on their ability.).

The judges in the supreme court so-called will always operate for Brussels.  Whatever politicians, or the public vote for will be frustrated, unless Parliament dismisses The Supreme Court and returns the judicial system to Common Law and to British shores.  Blair (amongst others) feels very safe as long as he is protected by the Supreme Court.

The Royal Prerogative has effectively been cancelled by the Supreme Court in their ruling that may must seek approval from both houses of Parliament before signing Article 50, so that Theresa May cannot expedite the will of the British people as expressed in the referendum vote, by using the Royal Prerogative.  Under English Law, all treaties can be signed or revoked by the use of The Royal Prerogative.

It seems very possible that The Queen also wants the Brexit vote put into effect, as why otherwise would Theresa May be trying to use The Royal Prerogative, without the agreement of the Monarch.

Only Brussels’ poodle judges in The Supreme Court stand in the way.

Repealing The European Communities Act of 1972 will be effective in cutting away the power of Brussels in Britain, and could make way for the reestablishment of The Common Law and The Law Lords.  BUt it would take time to implement, as our whole legal system has been Europeanised for 45 years.

The repeal of the ECA 1972 will require the cooperation of the House Of Lords and The Commons.  The Commons is already proving remarkably compliant with the legislative requirements for Brexit, after many years spent frustrating all independence votes.  What about the House Of Lords?  It’s been stuffed for decades with europhiles getting their funds from Brussels either directly or indirectly, by Blair and Cameron.  Will these lords dare to frustrate The Queen?  If they do, the Parliament Acts might be invoked, or the House Of Lords ‘reformed’.  That would take a year or two.

More likely once they see which way the wind is blowing, the politically appointed Lords will rush to change sides and hope to collect bounty from the Brexit tide, and go with the flow.  It’s only money they’re after.  They clearly have no principles.  It would be a kind of karma for Blair to see all his defences so carefully put in place unravelling before his eyes.  He thought he was safe.

Tony Blair Iraq War case could be hindered by Supreme Court Brexit ruling – lawyers

Tony Blair Iraq War case could be hindered by Supreme Court Brexit ruling – lawyers
Lawyers acting for the bereaved families of service personnel killed in the Iraq War say the Supreme Court’s Article 50 Brexit ruling could affect their case against former Prime Minister Tony Blair, but they’re not sure how.

Lawyers for the Iraq Families Campaign Group are also trying to figure out if potential cases against other senior state officials could be affected.

The group launched a fundraising bid on Monday to pay constitutional lawyers to look into the issue. By Wednesday they had already raised £17,355 (US$21,575) towards their £22,000 target.

In their original bid to bring a civil case against Blair and his ministers by forensically examining evidence in Sir John Chilcot’s Iraq Inquiry report, published in June 2016, the group rapidly raised £160,000.

Investigations so far indicate a case could be built on the basis that particular state officials committed acts of “misfeasance” – the wrongful use of lawful authority by government figures.

The key issue for the families is how the Article 50 decision, which ruled that Parliament must be given a vote on Brexit rather than allow the government to simply impose Britain’s exit terms with the Royal Prerogative, could help or hinder their case.

Blair could have used Royal Prerogative powers to invade Iraq, but opted to put the issue to a House of Commons vote, which many now consider was manipulated.

Roger Bacon and Reg Keys, whose sons both died in Iraq while serving in the British Army, released a statement calling it “an issue of great constitutional importance that must be fully and carefully resolved before we can issue any proceedings.

This issue is all the more significant because, as you will be aware, in 2016 the UK experienced major changes. In the past few months there have been significant court judgments, including the Supreme Court’s Article 50 decision, that must inevitably inform our legal team’s approach.

All this has to be taken into account and our legal arguments finalized to ensure we are able to take the next step,” they said.

TAP – You might speculate further.   Blair and Murdoch have clearly fallen out.  Over Wendi Deng in the first place.  But the split has widened with Murdoch backing Brexit and Farage.   Previously Murdoch ran Blair’s European policy while Blair was Prime Minister, keeping the EU Competition Commissioner Mario Monti sweet, and his hands off Murdoch’s media and football privileges.  In turn Blair had full electoral support winning him three elections despite the Iraq War, although the London bombing had to be arranged in 2005 to keep the electorate in fear, and onside.  We now realise that was a false flag, but at the time, many including me did not.

The Queen is almost certainly backing Brexit, as Theresa May is so sure of her ground.

But do Murdoch and HM also support Trump?  How far does the split go?  Trump is clearly very happy meeting Farage, and May was the first foreign leader to meet Trump after his election.  No doubt it’s a case of seeing if Trump can survive the American and Israeli secret services before putting too many eggs in the Trump basket.  There seems little doubt that the split between British royalty and American big money (Soros) is running very deep, destabilising a long-running alliance.  Trump backed by Robert Mercer of the Medallion Fund is riding a powerful political tide.    Blair was backing Clinton and the Bushes/Obama, and thought his position was assured.  The question remains is how powerful is the British Crown vis-a-vis the newly rich and powerful Bush/Clinton/Soros machine, and how much can Trump take on their media defenses and secret services.

It’s only a family dispute in the end of the day.  Those can be decidedly vicious.  The power of The Queen to manipulate events in Britain, backed by Murdoch, Farge and May and with The Commons running hard in support, is beyond doubt (Bar tidying up the legal system and the House of Lords).  Does that give Trump enough leverage to undo the EU, and put the Bushes back in their place, and stop WW3 from destroying most of us and the future of our civilization?  One can only hope.

This video on British Royalty came in from James.

Not entirely approving in all aspects, but at least she is backing Brexit, much to Blair’s chagrin.


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  1. By the Anonymous Patriots
    The Millennium Report Exclusive

    Have you asked yourself the question of why Former President Obama is hunkering down in a secure fortress in DC to lead the new “Regime Change” against duly elected President Donald Trump?

    Do you get upset and wonder why “Obomber and Killary” have attacked seven sovereign nations, killing millions and creating the largest refugee crisis in history, and the US Congress stands back and does nothing?

    Obama is waging war against the Trump administration through his Soros funded agitation troops called, Organizing for Action (OFA), which claims to defend his legacy. OFA, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit has 250 offices across the country and 30,000 foot soldiers with $40 million in bank from Soros and friends. OFA is simply a less violent version of Mussolini’s black shirts and Hitler’s brown shirts. The OFA started as Obama’s phony grassroots campaign machine that replicated the community organizing techniques Obama learned from the cultural Marxist, Saul Alinsky.

    The OFA will be working out of Obama’s new $5.3 million, 8,200-square-foot walled mansion in DC’s Embassy Row that has been converted into a command center.

    Michelle Obama will join and lead the Obama Foundation, a dubious foundation modeled on the Clinton’s pay-to-play Washington insider foundations. No US ex-president has ever stayed in DC post-office to harass and attempt to undermine and overthrow his successor.

    KEY POINT: These treasonous acts are an affront to the principles of US democracy and they must be stopped.
    KEY POINT: Obama’s unsealed records will more than likely show that Obama is not who he says he is. Obama’s true father was an Indonesian Muslim extremist and Barry Soetoro’s mother was working as a CIA agent trying to penetrate Islamic terrorism both in Kenya and Indonesia.
    If Trump continues to be the wrecking ball that he needs to be to “tear down this corporate wall,” Obama and his criminal family members, the Bush’s and Clinton’s, will be destroyed and the Second American Revolution against the corporate take-over of American might have a chance.

  2. Tom74 says:

    There is no inconsistency. Blair was an American poodle while Prime Minister and May is an American poodle as Prime Minister. Iraq and Brexit were both built on lies and both engineered by the Americans, with Murdoch as their PR man. Blair is being accused of war crimes as a way to discredit him and draw the flak from MI6 and the newspapers who deliberately lied to soften up public opinion.
    You can be sure that May will also be tossed aside when she has achieved – or failed to achieve – Brexit.

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