BBC & Hollywood vs Trump – Child Violators vs Child Protectors?

Is Trump addressing child trafficking, the Clinton Foundation, Pizzagtate etc?
President Trump Holds Anti-Human Trafficking Meeting 2/23/17:

The BBC cannot believe they were among those media organisations barred from an informal press briefing…
White House briefing bar: Media groups condemn exclusion:

Trump is apparently banning a Syrian behind the White Helmets film from entering the US. Vanessa Beeley will comment in favour of such a decision…
Oscars 2017: American bans Syrian behind nominated film The White Helmets from attending Oscars:

America bans Syrian behind Oscar-nominated film:


Jodie Foster and Michael J Fox lead anti-Trump protest

Richie Allen and David Icke warn us Trump is played by the same puppet masters as Clinton & co. Richie Allen slates Rebekah Roth for calling Jim Fetzer a shill. I’m tempted to suggest Allen is blindly believing ‘Uncle’ Jim in much the same way he accuses Alex Jones of believing in Trump.

Note: from the BBC website…
The mysterious death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers


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