BBC Any Accusations? Presstitute Award: Stalinist Matt Kelly, The New European!

I know TAP, you don’t do the BBC. It’s my job! It is my entertainment and curiosity. I know – it takes all sorts.

The BBC is my national taxpayer funded broadcasting and information and service. I want to hear where the taxpayer fund pot money goes. Unfortunately, my community acquiesces to appallingly low standards day in day out. BBC R4 PM is even boasting and celebrating their apparent increase in listening figures. See here; the BBC and  Guardian are thoughtful enough to tell us:
I wonder if the improved figures are because, like me, many are also intrigued to hear the latest moans and groans about Brexit and Trump. I repeat ad nauseam, Trump saved us from Clinton and I hope he proves a pleasant surprise…. and whether pigs might fly or not, at least he is not her; them actually, because remember with the Clinton’s we would have had two for one.

As entertainment goes, this episode of Any Questions (Accusations is perhaps more accurate) Friday 10 February 8pm, was among the best of BBC bias broadcasts I’ve heard:
Official programme text: Jonathan Dumbleby presents political debate from Framwellgate School in Durham with a panel including Shadow Brexit Minister the Labour MP for Darlington Jenny Chapman MP, the Editor of the New European newspaper Matt Kelly, the fund manager and philanthropist based in County Durham Jonathan Ruffer and the backbench conservative party MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

The panel bemoaned the Trump immigration ban.
The panel panel bemoaned the revised limit on children entering the UK.
The panel made absolutely no acknowledgement that we and our ‘allies’ have invaded and destroyed foreign nation states resulting in mass uprooting of adults and children.
The panel failed to make any mention of the on-going child violation in our country; Lib-Dem leader Tim Farron has failed to answer questions from UK Column’s Mike Robinson on the safety and security of immigrant children in this country.
The panel eagerly jumped onto the emotional band waggon and point the finger of social justice at anyone who fails to join the waggon.
The panel probably have no concept of formidable independent journalists such Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett on the truth of Aleppo and Syria where adults and children have been violated for years partly at the UK taxpayers expense.
These BBC panels rarely if ever mention the Palestinian children who have long been apparently caged-in day in day out.

11.36mins into the programme, the audience member question is:
“I’m not a fan of Trump, but do comparisons of Trump to Hitler, beside being juvenile and historically inaccurate, threaten to trivialise the unique evil of the holocaust?”
Oh yes, leading questions – aren’t they great?! This one even referenced the holocaust and Trump in the same question.
I am reminded of historian David Irving who was incarcerated and berated for his thoughts and words. Isn’t freedom of thought and action great! Good job we beat Hitler eh!

Matt Kelly, the editor of The New European newspaper is asked about their front cover depicting Trump with a Hitler ‘bar-code’ moustache…

The panel tell us Commons Speaker John Bercow ‘spoke up for decency when he said no to Trump’… really?!

Matt Kelly on Trump: “Look at the guy’s behaviour. Is he a fascist or not? He attacks judges that don’t agree with him. He singles out and attacks minorities. He attacks women. He seeks to erect borders with his neighbouring countries. He seeks to destabilise neighbouring economies. He seeks to interfere in the geo-politics of the world. He is a nasty individual. He surrounds himself with fascists. Steve Bannon, the spokesman that he leans on, this strange svengali character that he takes advise from, previously ran a very far right-wing website: He is a character you could best describe as dodgy, the worst case he is on the far edge of a very dangerous new form of politics we should all be wary of. The guy walks like a fascist, talks like a fascist, Tweets like a fascist. I think the guy might be a fascist.”

Oh good, Well that’s sorted then; Trump judgement is signed, sealed and delivered by Matt Kelly live on the BBC. Remember Obomba’a drone strike list? The one whereby US nationals were executed by the Nobel Peace prize winner without trial or jury? Matt Kelly sounds like a chip of the old Obomba block.

The audience clap like seals. If only Trump were a decent chap like… Obomba or Bill Clinton even?

FYI – News Extra interview: The New European editor Matt Kelly:
Mustard TV Ltd is Archant’s new broadcasting division. Archant are  corporate media company:
So, e.g. the local East Anglian newspapers are merely regional versions of a wider national web. I suggest our local newspapers are far from traditional local newspapers; they are merely regional distribution for a larger corporate organ and homogenised message. The €U is looking to create regional areas throughout the UK and this company fits the bill just as Capita Investment are in partnership with e.g. Breckland Council, Thetford, Norfolk. Do I smell  whiff of cultural Collectivism?

I’d love to see Matt Kellly call Trump a fascist face to face. May be we should start referring to the likes of Matt Kelly as Stalinist.

BBC Any Accusations went on…
Jenny Chapman: “People, including children, are being exposed to horrible heinous attitudes, a loose regard for the truth, it demeans politics the way he conducts himself, I don’t want young people thinking that’s an OK way to carry on…I think it’s fine for a newspaper to do that (portray Trump as Hitler) and I enjoyed the front page… I was in the US for the election trying very hard to make sure he wouldn’t be elected…”

Jonathan Ruffer: “This man is a disruptor and he works through anger, I want to take you back to the Vikings…”

Err…. what? The Vikings? Now Trump is being likened to savage, rape and pillaging Vikings? What are these people on? TAP, don’t you realise the entertainment you are missing out on? Are they as expert on history and Vikings as they are on current day affairs? Or might they be making loose assumptions to say the least? It would have been interesting to have magically drafted Thomas Sheridan into the programme…
Vikings: The Light from the Black Pool by Thomas Sheridan – PART ONE:

Jonathan Ruffer continues: “… the world as we know it has become a significantly more dangerous place… of course he is a dangerous force.”
… sure Jonathan Ruffer, not like those moderates Obomba, Cameron, Sarkozy, Hollande, the €U et al who invade and destroy nation states eh?!

Then Jonathan Dumbleby introduces a Tweet from TV historian Mary Beard:

“mary beard ‏@wmarybeard 18h18 hours ago
lets hear #bbcaq panel define ‘fascist’.simplistic comparisons dont help in showing danger (& idiocy) of Trump. Many reasons without that”

Yep, even a Cambridge professor is cited to assure us that dangerous Trump is an idiot. I had terrestrial correspondence with Mary Beard some years ago. She deems doubt about the official 9/11 story as just another in many conspiracy theories. I find it bemusing that academic professors can fail to accurately analyse current events and then expect us to have faith in their commentary upon historic events hundreds of years ago.

So it goes on… a little later Jonathan Dumbleby asks Matt Kelly to give his definition of what a fascist is?
“… well, I think we emotionally feel what a fascist is, somebody who is willing and able to pursue their own means at the detriment of others, at absolute casual disregard for other groups of people on this planet to the extent they would damage their own interests in the long term by the pursuance of evil…, that’s what fascism is to me…”

Oh good, that’s clear and unequivocal then Matt.

The audience member who asked the question calmly responds, “He is a problem and we need to look at it anew.”

Matt Kelly chips in: “…. virtue signalling is a positive thing… ”

They go on to worry about Brexit… I can’t transcribe every word; you get the idea.

Later in the evening on both BBC R4 & 5 Live, the anti-Trump-Brexit propaganda continued.

I heard a recent caller into Lift The Veil comment how political dissent is completely suppressed in Russia. It may well be. I do not speak Russian and never been there. On the other hand Peter Lavelle of RT’s Crosstalk says people are free to comment on politics. May be he would say that, wouldn’t he? I’m English and really Russia is the business of Russians to hold its leaders and media to account. I have enough to consider here at home. Mine is the UK taxpayer funded national broadcasting and information service and it fails miserably. Do these BBC panelists speak for a substantial proportion of the UK population? If they do my country is in a poor state of ignorance and I suggest, mind control. I assure you, this anti-rhetoric is across the BBC. Currently, late night on BBC 5 Live they even have a Fake News series:

BBC Radio 5 live Verified account ‏@bbc5live
How do you spot #fakenews? Fake news investigator @ajreid shares his best tips #5liveDaily

I happened to check the first few reply Tweets underneath:

Matt Black ‏@DJ_Matt_Black Jan 31
@bbc5live @ajreid usually it’s on the BBC

James Winsoar ‏@winsoar Jan 30
@bbc5live @chadscope @ajreid this comes from the channel that reported WTC 5 collapsing before it happened!

Charlie ‏@Splatterh0use Jan 30
@bbc5live @BBCClick @ajreid CNN and major US media gave 95-5% Hillary victory in the Fall.Turned out it was false.Plenty of fake news there.

Dave Morris ‏@IamDaveMorris Jan 30
@bbc5live @ajreid This is a result of Mainstream Mis-information.Years of over-sensationalised stories from so called trusted media outlets

Truth_At_Last ‏@Truth_At_Last_2 Jan 30
@bbc5live @ajreid Plenty of fake news and liberal propaganda from the BBC as usual .Disgraceful anti Trump bias.

Merrock Hunter ‏@merrrock Jan 30
@Truth_At_Last_2 @bbc5live @ajreid BBC home of fake news.

ohn Traynor ‏@Mr_JDTraynor Jan 30
@bbc5live @ajreid Look at Mail, Express, Sun or Telegraph – loads of fake

…. now, this I find entertaining. I was not expecting it. I could have continued to copy & paste comment after comment critical of the hypocritical ‘fake news’ BBC.

For the BBC and its loyal audience, I offer Neil Sanders: Mind Control:
Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job:

Anyway, Matt Kelly the Stalinist, you most definitely deserve a Presstitute Award for yourself and The New European.

Presstitute: A term coined by Gerald Celente and often used by independent journalists and writers in the alternative media in reference to journalists and talking heads in the mainstream media who give biased and predetermined views in favour of the government and corporations, thus neglecting their fundamental duty of reporting news impartially. It is a portmanteau of press and prostitute.
Let me tell you something Alex, as soon as the economy collapses the presstitutes will be clamouring for war to distract the American people from the domestic problems.


3 Responses to “BBC Any Accusations? Presstitute Award: Stalinist Matt Kelly, The New European!”

  1. alison says:

    Excellent post, NPP! Thank you! I will watch/listen to the BBC “over my dead body”; sorry, you have not persuaded me to join you in checking out the nonsense and comedy they spout and so, I am very grateful to you for this reminder that they are completely daffy-daft and clearly more than a little worried, because they seem to be over-exerting themselves to call a spade a shovel.

    I fear the EU have already implemented their regions and English counties no longer exist, although we are still allowed to put them on social snail mail correspondence so as not to shock the public into realizing what is going on.

    And I just love all the names you use to refer to the actors; e.g. Obomba and Dumbleby! LOL!

    A great reminder not to take this game of life too seriously and to have as many laughs along the way as possible.

    Thank you again!

  2. Tapestry says:

    We don’t have TV at home or radio, and the car radio is bust, so I am fairly well insulated from the daily dose of crap. I admire your ability to take it and stay sane, NPP. By the way, where’s Gordon gone? This made me smile above – Matt Kelly on Trump – ‘He attacks women. He seeks to erect…’. My mind is clearly still puerile.

    • NPP says:

      Which Gordon? I notice there’s a lack of a Gordon, but you gave the impression there were two… You’re the CEO. Search me.

      Your puerile mind can be regularly entertained by a puerile BBC… they are so awful verging on amusing. It’s the outright blanket accusations that stun me almost daily; firstly because where is the evidence and it would be funny if Trump suddenly started suing for slander, and secondly, as far as I understand, there is no Trump Chronicles documentary online. Only this morning BBC Washington correspondent Jon Sopel laughed at suggestions during the campaign that Hillary was involved in child trafficking; I mean, as if she would… really, anyone can put any allegation on the internet; unlike the tried, tested and well vetted BBC.

      I was pleasantly surprised at the Tweet response to the BBC covering fake news – they appear so out of touch with much of the public. How much, we will see.

      For Alison…
      Hollandaise Sauce
      Gerald Celente is good at reinventing names in tne call of humour.

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