Oliver Moody Presstitute Award For Pushing Vaccines

Yes, a Presstitute Award goes to Oliver Moody… for his unstinting support and appreciation of the pharmaceutical vaccines industry with articles such as this in the subscription-only Times:
MMR fraud doctor’s film was shown under cloak of secrecy – The Times:
You can follow Olly on Tweeter:
… where it says
“Science Correspondent at The Times. Opinions here are my mostly my father’s. “Is this the lovechild of George Osborne and Peter Mandelson?” – Martin Rowson”

His talent for presstitution knows no bounds as it extends globally down under; also subscription only…
MMR fraud doctor Andrew Wakefield returns to Britain for Vaxxed film’s secret launch:

If that were not enough, our hero Olly the Presstitute is also working on:
The Times’ Age of Dementia series: the campaign to protect healthy brains against Alzheimer’s
The sci-fi helmet that could blast dementia into history

He does have competition though:
Disgraced anti‑MMR vaccine doctor Andrew Wakefield gets invitation to university in London:
How the anti-vaccine movement infiltrated Robert De Niro’s film festival

Ah yes, the open minded health and media industry working together for all our benefits.
You’re all individual globalists!
Now, repeat all together: Yes, we’re all individual globalists!

Stop Press:
Video: Robert De Niro & Robert F Kennedy Jr. Offer $100k Vaccine Challenge… I know, this should perhaps be the headline piece, but I just found it:
Robert De Niro and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. held a press conference in Washington DC to offer $100k to anyone who can prove that mercury in vaccines is safe to administer to children….


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