Where is Captain Heather Cole?

We can assume that Clinton’s unsecured server was discretely hacked by the Russians and the Chinese and other secret services. We can also assume that she knew this. This means that Clinton had a back door relationship with these goverments and that the server was a dead drop. However there is no evidence that the Russians passed on any of Clinton’s e-mails to Wikileaks.

On the contrary, former Ambassador Craig Murray was directly involved in the case. He met the leaker in Washington. He was a disillusioned official of the DNC who was angry because Clinton stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders. In a perfect world, Hillary (and Soros) would get a life sentence.

Note that passing on her secret e-mails to the Russians and the Chinese would not preclude her from implementing the Third World War that Soros is working for since he called for war on Russia in 2014.

By the way, isn’t there a British MP willing to ask Theresa May how the Russians hacked David Cameron’s communications in March 2015, when he and the Americans appear to have tried to launch a limited nuclear strike on Russia in order to bring down Vladimir Putin.

Where is Captain Heather Cole, the US officer in charge of the Trident launch codes?

(She refused to launch the nukes?)


Gordon Logan


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