What’s Up With Antarctica?



Something is definitely not right about Antarctica.
I watched some tubes regarding the matter and it is indeed very intriguing.
I have not jumped to any conclusion yet, but will of course if I reach any, post it.

I do not subscribe to the Flat Earth Theory as mentioned in another post, I see it as a diversion. At some point people who are more knowledgeable in that area concluded the Flat Earth Theory was a CIA construct, I agree on that point of view.
I am also aware of the Nazi´s building bases and other constructions during WW2. Maybe they did that, because there was something else there already.

I find it very, very suspicious and obvioulsy a contradiction to the Powers That Be concept of an open society, that most of the problematic areas, pyramids, entrances are blurred out – so there is beyond any resonable doubt something we are not suposed to know.

‘We can’t handle the truth’ – Oh, yes we can, but we do not have access to it, so that punchline is maybe correct if we tweak it a bit into: ‘We can’t handle what we don’t have access to study’

I think the exposure here would be that our so-called leaders, would lose any authority they might have left if, what is really going on there came out. Which would explain why WikiLeaks embedded pictures from the continent in one of it’s document releases.

In one of the tubes it shows that several high ranking leaders (Joe Biden as the last one) suddenly all went down there. John Kerry, in the crucial last days of the election in the U.S. A sudden interest in Pinguin mating rituals?
Hardly. Religious leaders also took an abrupt trip.

Anyway, it is very interesting.

Links to some tubes on the matter and much more out there if you want to do your own research:

Jeff Rense: Antartica, The Lost Continent

Mysterious Antarctica → The World’s Best Kept Secret?

Wilcock’s Definitive Evidence The Antarctica Mystery Unveiled

What the hells going in Antarctica

Satellite Detects MASSIVE Object Under Antarctica 

WikiLeaks via Podesta Emails Contains Antarctica

All the best, have a beautiful Sunday

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3 Responses to “What’s Up With Antarctica?”

  1. Antarctica disclosure process intensifying . It could be an Interdimensional wormhole portal down there or an inner earth entrance, or high tech ruins of a worldwide pyramidal civilisation . Or maybe all 3
    In latest data dump, the CIA released a map of Antartica and a suppressed National Geographic article on Admiral Byrd’s expedition


    • Today’s Trident headlines might actually have some story underneath it.
      It’s been said to happen and the technologies certainly exist to do this. Could some secret space programme faction have disabled Trident nuclear missiles and that’s what lies underneath today’s mainstream PM official story?

  2. Scotty says:

    Q: is it possible, by any scientific experiment, to PROVE & confirm curvature of the earth?
    A: NO

    Do the surfaces of SEAS and OCEANS show curvature? No. Water remains level – SEA LEVEL.

    Watch ‘Jesuits stealing our flat earth’ for the history.

    See books and experiments and books of Samual Rowbotham.

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