What’s going on in Antarctica? The mysteries deepen every day.


A whole series of high up people are visiting Antarctica in quick succession – church, freemasons, intelligence, politicians.  Kerry.  Maybe Obama.  Why?  Next to go is Putin.  The Russians discovered a Nazi base there only recently.  When will they tell us what’s up?  The NAZIs visited Antarctica just before WW2 started.

Some answers.



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  1. Nollidge says:

    The “discovered Nazi Base” was on an island in the Arctic.If anything had been found in the Antarctic,we’d have heard about it by now.

  2. Nevertheless something’s going on in Antarctica. Nazi bases and 30 mile wide UFOs a mile under the ice , or even pyramids and remnants of some civilisation down there might be disinfo stories who knows.
    But something strange is down there. Seeing as some Aryan type Vedic civilisation wasn’t just in India but in Russia, Alaska, Ireland and other places worldwide . It’s reasonable to think some remnants of that same civilisation are in Antarctica too.
    However this begs the question why are the so called elites leaking creating a stir about Antarctica now?
    What’s driving it? Something is whether an external motivator or coming from within, some interestablishment split or war going which it’s hard to fathom.
    Wilder stories are that an Interdimensional stargate portal is down there or inner earth entrance. Most likely disinfo. But something’s going on.

    On DNA news and while this may not be news to some, it’s still mindblowing in it’s implications as the dots get joined

    STOP PRESS: DNA Is Not Like We Have Been Told: It and Life Itself Materialises Out Of Thin Air Anywhere In The Universe

    • But according to several researchers and alleged insiders, a “war for disclosure” has been raging behind the scenes for a least the past four years. And the time frame of 2017 to 2022 has been proffered as a time of transition for the human race and civilization as we know it. Whether or not this is true remains unclear. However, there is a rather obscure prophecy about the Vatican, which might be motivating them to change.

      I don’t have access to the raw prophecy—I heard it secondhand from a colleague who is an avid researcher of the Holy See. Apparently, in 1917, a prophecy was given to the Jesuits that they had one hundred years to get their act together, stop acting like parasites, and start doing what they promised the heavens they would do—uplift the people to their full potential and prepare the Earth to receive the spirit. If they did not change, heaven would rain down upon them, ending hundreds of years of tyrannical rule.

      In essence, if the prophecy is true, the occult powers behind the Vatican, tracing their origin to Mithraic cults of the pre-Christian era, derive their power from the spiritual realm, via compacts and covenants made with beings on the other side of the veil. Even though they are effectively a ragtag bunch of criminals who got their hands on a few cosmic secrets eons ago, they do—at some level—recognize the power of the spiritual realms and the importance of adhering to the divine law. And apparently there are Jesuits within the Vatican who took the prophecy seriously and have been working to reform the organization from within.


  3. Scotty says:

    The deception that can be seen as the ‘iceing on the cake’ will be ‘alien’ disclosure just as Werner Von Braun said it would be.
    They are DEMONS, extra-dimensional entities. See Book of Enoch. Not in the Bible, but referred to by Jesus in the NT.

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