Trump’s news conference listed without spin

Trump’s Talking Points

Main Points Addressed by Trump Personally

  1. He has no conflicts of interest in his business as President
  2. Russia was behind the hacking per intel he was shown
  3. He has no ties to Russia personally or business wise
  4. The Buzzfeed thing is a complete falsehood
  5. Obamacare is a disaster, it will be repealed and replaced
  6. The Wall will be built ASAP, and will ultimately be paid for by Mexico indirectly
  7. American Corps who decide to leave will pay a high border tariff in bringing product back into the U.S.
  8. Trump calls a reporter “fake news” and denies him ability to ask a question
  9. Denies any connection to Russia personally.
  10. Russia hacked us, but they were not alone
  11. Does not answer if any associates of his were in communication with Russia- ENDS CONFERENCE WITHOUT ANSWERING IT

Not Addressed

Twitter presence


Questions Asked

  1. Did he have a summary of the report adn related follow up- RESPONSE- I CANT TALK ABOUT CLASSIFIED STUFF.. THEN GOES INTO CALLING IT FAKE.
  3. DNC was asking to be hacked.. rnc took better defenses
  5. QUESTION: Did putin help you? trump: “If putin likes DonaldTrump, thats a good thing”
  6. talking points seem to be redirect to the facts released, changing the narrative from putin is your pal to “do you think im putins pal?”
  7. Takes credit for anything he can. like knowing about cameras in russian circles
  8. Question: can you categorically deny any Russian ties- YES, nothing personal or business

Major Topics Summarized



  • it will implode in 2017 – there is some truth to this as reserve funds run out in some instances on it.
  • it will be repealed and replaced in parts as situations permit so th ereplacement will be able to not leave gaps

Businesses Relocating policies?

  • corporations that move  out of the U.S. will pay a high bordertax for moving – trade barrier talk, this is the stick. the carrot is tax subsidies that will be shouldered by the public. stay or go, robotics will drive an increasingly disenfranchised working class. This will encourage corporations to negotiate with Trump. Those that are not satisfied will simply stay out of the U.S. In the least earnings will not come back onshore

Mexican Wall?

  • it will be built
  • it will be ultimately paid for by Mexico via trade tarrifs, or other economic means like a reimbursement

Fake News?

  •  from one reporter who asks a “Hitler” based question trump denies him ability to ask question. Calls him “Fake News”

Intelligence Agencies?

  • stops short of attacking them
  • 90 days will release a report on how to stop it
  • Reiterates the DNC was poorly prepared
  • in response to a question about his admission of Russia as the DNC hackers, Trump disparages intelligence that is leaked
  • Russia isnt only nation hacking us.all will be dealt with

Russian Ties?

  • redirects that Putin is no friend of his
  • denies ties to Russia pre election, doesnt deny if his associates were communicating with them ENDS PRESS CONFEENCE


Real time addtions and notes in italics from speech below



  • 11:15- before taking questions, Trumps spokesman addresses the Buzzfeed head on- catch words being “fake news”.
  • Implications being Trump wont take questions on the topic
  • Mike Pence takes stage at 11:17
  • Trump takes stage 11:20- starts low key and thanks the news organizations for not publishing it.- fits the style of an outsider who wants depserately to be an insider
  • Takes swipe at Intel agencies casting possibility that they were behind it. – wrong cant be true, it was never classified and public
  • 11:22- economic topics- self promoting on Car companies.- Ford would disagree with Trumps characteristic likely
  • drug company reforms touched on
  • Humility watch: more like tethered down ego
  • Superlative watch: Greatest, huge, best, incredible, massive … albeit less effusive in his speech
  • actually slightly self effacing at his high profile personality- if he does more of this, he will channel Reagan and win over intellectuals
  • Ever notice Trump has surrounded himself with a ton of marines? They are spook haters by nature and the most loyal military in coup or slander campaigns


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