Trump goes on attack against dangerous ingredients in vaccinations

After hammering Big Pharma’s monopoly pricing policies, President-elect Trump is now taking aim squarely at mercury (Thimerosal) in vaccines.

He’s just appointed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to head a new commission that will investigate dangerous vaccine ingredients like Thimerosal.


The upshot is that the era of mercury in vaccines may finally be approaching an end.

Read my full story on this here (very detailed, contains 11 truths about vaccines).

And also read powerful excerpts from RFK Jr’s book on Thimerosal here.

Spread the news everywhere. We must finally start protecting children from toxic mercury in vaccines.

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3 Responses to “Trump goes on attack against dangerous ingredients in vaccinations”

  1. Anonymous Patriots says:

    Excellent sign. However it’s not just mercury/Thimerosal and other adjuvants are a danger. There’s biological malicious agents in vaccines too.
    With new emerging technologies which are our Birthright and long denied to us by a Tyrannical Satanist Cabal. Such as Mehran Keshe Plasma GANS Magrav technology as the tip of the iceberg. Vaccinations aren’t needed, GANS Plasma measures can be taken. We should not trust anyone who wants to stick a needle in us or our children or parents.

    GcMAF destroying Nagalase molecule in vaccines for example. I want to see and hope Trump and Kennedy discuss Nagalase. Then I’ll know things are really rolling

  2. bluefeather says:

    I have posted this comment previously, it seems relevant that I repost it. It is a confusing subject, mercury, nagalase, aluminium …. so many toxic chemicals injected into tiny newborn babies – 3 times in 12 weeks. I am praying that they , the government, the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies stop this insane practice.
    The Meningitis vaccines
    Menectra and Menveo lists formaldehyde as one of its ingredients and
    Menomune lists thimerosal (Mercury) as one of its ingredients, although yet to find the ingredient list for Bexsero and Menhibrix. Also, cannot find the specific vaccine ingredient listing with nagalase, that also goes by the name of alpha-N-Acetylgalactosaminidase, and also seen as Alpha NAGA.
    Confused to read that Schindler disease is described from medical articles, as an inherited neuroaxonal dystrophy due to alpha NAGA deficiency.
    Schindlers disease;infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy ” a disorder in infants or young children characterised by slow progressive mental and neurological deterioration”
    The molecular lesion in the alpha -N-acetylgalactosaminidase gene that causes an infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy.
    The human gene code for this enzyme is NAGA.
    And then on another site, states: Nagalase:intrinsic component of the envelope protein of various virions- HIV, Epstein Barr virus, herpes zoster and the influenza virus.
    Not being a professor or doctor, but searching for the truth on this, I am optimistic that it will reveal itself soon, as to whether and which vaccines, that Nagalase has been added.
    Schindler disease, medical paper by R.J.Deswick and A.M.Wang
    There are 7,000 signatures on a petition campaigning for meningitis vaccines to be given to children more than a year old. A baby between the age of 2-5 months receives the first vaccination followed by a second vaccination at 4 months and then a booster at 12 months. Vaccines are given for viral meningitis, however children have died from bacterial meningitis. Giving babies and children vaccinations with such a toxic, chemical concoction can never be right.
    Homeopathy is an option, GcMAF looked like a good option but in the main, we need to eat as well as possible, keep the immune system strong, take vitamin D and be vigilant with discerning information concerning the well being of our children.

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