The world is awakening


Awareness is much higher in the countries where David Icke gives his talks.

David Icke’s 2016/2017 World Wide Wake Up Tour dates are changing all the time and available here. These are included because we find that the popularity of David Icke’s work in a country is a measurable indicator of awakening, or awakening potential. Thousands of people (between 5 and 8000 as far as we can work out) went to see Icke at Wembley in 2012; when YouGov polled in 2015, 51% of Brits believed that Democracy was a lie – and 13% believed that a small cabal runs the world!

There are many many people other than David Icke who have contributed to this shift in perception in the UK and other countries – that’s why we’re inviting you to support the ones who have influenced you. You may be a Christian who dislikes Icke’s work: if so, no problem! Just donate to a Christian favourite instead – we are all in this together and good on you for having an opinion. At we are promoting our own favourites, Ole Dammegard and Carine Hutsebaut (who is a Christian) – cardfunding is about supporting everybody.

REFS (listed in order left to right from Canada):

According to the reputable surveys, polls and reports linked below:

Canada 2013: Just 10% trust MPs;
Germany 2015: one in five back revolution;
Sweden 2016: just 26% of rural Swedes trust government;
Poland 2014: 63% believe in a shadow government;
Russia 2015: 45% believe in a shadow government;
Japan 2015: 25% don’t trust the government on vaccination;
Greece 2014: 75% believe in a shadow government (that collapsed the economy);
France 2013: more than half the French are conspiracy theorists;
New Zealand 2016: just 8% trust politicans and the media;
Australia 2016: just 5% trust politicians;
Haiti 2014: 69% were asked to pay a bribe;
911: 2014 59% of Greeks believe it was an inside job; 2013 one in two Americans don’t believe the government story.

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