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  1. The time has come for the Anonymous Patriots to fully expose the world’s Dr. Evil, aka George Soros.

    Soros is the funding behind the world-wide Women’s March on January 21, 2017 and the current effort going on in the U.S. Congress to impeach President Trump. Most Americans, especially all those women donning their pink pu**y hats, do not know they are being PLAYED by the world’s biggest d*ck, George Soros, evil economic terrorist of the world.

    Soros has been behind destabilizing national currencies and markets in England, China, Thailand, Burma, Hungary, France, Russia, USSR, and many other countries. No country in the world is safe from Soros who is a wanted criminal in numerous countries and who continues to use his wealth in the most evil ways possible—the destruction of nations and its people.

    Did you know that Soros gave $6 Billion to the Democratic National Committee and was the largest donor to the Clinton and Sanders campaigns? By supporting the DNC in such a massive financial way, he owns the DNC and through the DNC leaks, we now know that Hillary and the Democratic Party take their orders from Soros.

    As support material to this article, we also invite you to read our free e-book on the CIA and the Deep State Conspiracy so that you can understand how Soros fits into the global picture, from his involvement with 911 to Women’s March in Washington. This book has taken us over a year to compile and is a must-read for all citizens who are ready to fight the globalists intent to take over the world.

    The Pink Revolution
    Soros has prov…

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