The name ‘Britain’ comes from Barati, goddess of the Phoenicians

Who were the ‘Black Nobility?  Jewish moneylenders who stole respectable aristocratic names.

Are there pyramids visible on the surface of Mars?

Is there a connection?

In this wide ranging talk, Icke takes your mind to the farthest reaches of the occult.  I don’t agree with his estimated ages of the pyramids on earth, and I prefer the Ralph Ellis version which makes them considerably older.  BUt many other details are interesting and a useful reminder of some of the things covered on The Tap in years gone by.  Who were the Annunaki?  Sumeria.  The Reptilian bloodlines and so on.



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  1. Anonymous Patriots says:

    Mehran Keshe says the light we see from stars reaches us in real time. The flickering. It certainly looks that way to me when I look up tonight at this amazing night sky and full moon. He says it’s a lie we are seeing light reaching us that’s very old. We are seeing things in real time
    I suppose it might be possible the Rockefellers and Scottish Rite Freemasons who set up an run NASA know some basic truths we don’t about the universe and might have lied. I’ll have more faith in this if I can generate 5KW once I make the GANS and plasma capacitors and GANS nano coated coils with 144 turns.
    I think the garage will have to be my plasma free energy workshop

    • Anonymous Patriots says:

      Coil Construction – Keshe Foundation. 144 turns of the coil how strange ? Could this be sacred metaphysical Supernatural TRUTHS mathematics at play? People that see 11 or 11:11 or 22 or 99 or 4:44 or 11:33. I see these every day. The 144 Elect.
      Yet we see it emerge here in Mehran KF Italy research. 144 turns of the coil.
      My point is could Plasna Keshe power be tapping into the Holy Spirit? Something Isa King Jesus got entered by, Christ Consciousness Avatar .
      How come Keshe discovered 144 turns of the plasma coil is best?
      Are we talking about sacred bio mathematics here? Gematria?
      If so all Tap readers should plough on trying to make headway and Inroads into Keshe Plasma Magrav GANS technogy.
      What do we know for sure? Well, as the passage of time has shown, what we thought at any given point in time, has changed several times. The process has resembled “trying to nail JELLO to a tree.” So, we are changing the format to what we think we know as of the update time, above. [These revisions are the result of updates from the 89th Knowledge Seeker’s Workshop 11/26/15.]

      1. It is recommended that the coils be made from #14 AWG bare solid Copper Wire.

      2. Wind the coils around 4mm and 10mm rods.

      3. Wind all your coils in the same direction. We still prefer the left-hand coil format, until we learn otherwise.

      4. Make your long coils 144 turns.

      5. Make your short coils 81 turns.

      6. The outer loop should be very close to the inner loop when assembled.

      7. Nanocoat with heat.

      [more clarification to come]

  2. Tapestry says:

    If you follow the Electric Universe they are saying that light is not the fastest thing in space/the universe and that the planets are in constant communication with each other. Otherwise they’d lose the regularity of their orbits. If planets in the solar system are in constant contact, then so too must be the stars with earth.

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