The man who predicted Trump and Brexit and the rise of populist nationalism

Brandon Smith read magazines like The Economist and began to see an emerging pattern in political commentary.  The writers were talking about a coming rise of populist nationalism and how it would go on to destroy the global economy.  He identified the writers as the mouthpieces of the globalists who run the world, as Carroll Quigley explained in Tragedy & Hope.  Brandon’s predictions were on the button about Brexit and then Trump, and he’s become a talking point amongst the alternative media.

Build your own systems is his advice.  Bring production back into local economies, that includes necessities.  Teach necessary skills that the culture needs in order to survive.  America has exported all its skills.  People don’t know how to produce food.  During the Great Depression, 80% of people knew how to grow food.  Now maybe 20% know how to produce essentials.

There is no pacifist way to stop the New World Order.  If you’re successful in setting up your own structure, they’ll try and stop you.  You need to know how to defend yourselves.  You will need to defend yourselves at some point.

The Trump boom will be followed by the Trump slump.



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